Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Five Random Facts

Long time no post! So I thought I might just do this one :)

Fact 1. I ALWAYS have to put on my socks before jeans. Mainly because I hate the feeling of how the stitching of the jeans (At where they sinch at the end) can tickle your feet and... ughhh *shudders*. I guess its just another phobia of mine. Which leads me to fact #2.

Fact 2. I ALWAYS have to wash my feet before I go to bed. I dont know why. Its just, I cant stand the fact of dirty feet all up in my covers. I especially hate it when my friends come over and they wearing sandal or flats and then they put their feet on my bed. It just grosses me out, but I never say anything about it, because, well, thats just rude. But I immediatley wash my sheets when they leave because I can stand the fact my sheets have been touched with dirty feet. I guess its a part of my OCD. I dont mind if theyre wearing socks though, oddly...

Fact 3. I ALWAYS email the author of a book when finishing his/her novel. Its like, a little habbit of mine, I guess you could call it. I dont know, I guess I feel like I want their intention as a reader of my oppinion on their novel. Woahh, long sentence. Haha, but you'd be surprise of how many emails Ive recieved back. Just to name a few, Ive gotten replies from Loung Ung (International Best Seller of "First they Killed My Father"), Robin Palmer ("Cindy Ella") Sarah Zarr ("Sweet Hearts") Piper Banks ("Geek High") Elizabeth Scott ("Bloom") and many others I just cant name from the top of my head. Of course Ive gotten no reply from other authors, but thats okay. I cant even imagine how busy they are.

Fact 4. I cant STAND when people dont use capital letters properly. It just arghhhhh, it aggrevates me and makes me thiink youre either too lazy to fix your grammar problems or your dont care. Which is fine by all means, its only my oppinion, but it just... I dont know. Stresses me out I guess. I swear this is a part of my OCD though. Like, for instance, when someone makes a title that goes something likes this: what makes your day.
OH MY GOODNESS. I might as well yell. Ok, maybe not THAT dramatic, but you get my point. The CORRECT way (i know you all know this, so please dont think Im giving you a grammar lesson!) is: What Makes Your Day?"
Im just weird. Really weird. And I blame it on my OCD, but hey, thats something we all have to deal with. And dont even get me started on straight lines.

Fact 5. I can rewatch a movie twenty times. No joke. IF theres a movie thats SOOOO incredibly good to a point where the movie is constantly on mind 24/7 (in other words, Im obsessing over a movie) I tend to hunt that movie down online and watch it 20 whopping times. Okay, maybe 21. Ahhhhh, just kidding, well, not really because I probably CAN, but realistically (Since I still have school work and stuff) Ill watch the movie maybe 8 times in a day, then the next day Ill watch it another 5 times, and you get my point. But this movie has to be SUPERRR good to a point where its all Im talking and thinking about. Ill list all the movies that have made me go to this point.
A Cinderella Story- I had it on DVD and litterally remembered ALL the words from that movie. I know, I know, but hey, it was a good movie.
13 going on 30- Ahhh, such good memories <3 I loved Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Gardner together.
What a Girl Wants- One of my closest child hood friends spent litterally DAYS rewatching this super cute and funny movie. Its sooo good, and I can rewatch it another fifty times if I wanted. Amanda Bynes was GREAT in that movie, and Oliver James is just... sighhhhh. I dont even have the word. Im speechless, 'nuff said.
Pride and Prejudice- I remember watching this in 7th or 8th grade and never understood it but remember liking it. Just recently watched it in English and HOLY CROSHNOTS!! I could not get the movie out of my head ALL DAY LONG. I fell so in love with Mr. Darcy- it wasnt even funny. Whenever he and Liz had an interaction my stomached would litterally squeeze into a tight ball and all these nerves and butterflies would just jostle together and send my heart beating off the roof! It was THAT strong. I dont have the movie, so when I went home I found it online and watched it a whopping 13 times that week. It's one of the greatest movies I've ever seen. Truly is.
The Magic of Ordinary Days- ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVES! I say its at tie with Pride and Prejudice. This isnt that well known, but its SOOOO good. I cant even beguin to tell you. I watched it in February on CBS during the Hallmark Hall of Fame period where'd they show a movie every Saturday for the month of Feb. and I wasnt really expecting anything that good to come one. BOY WAS I WRONG! This movie was seriously amazing. Maybe you may not think so, but I sure did. It was exactlyyy my kind of movie. What its about is a girl name Livy who gets preggers and her dad sends her off to a small town in coronado to get married to Ray Singleton who's kind of awkward but superrr adorable and you see through out the movie how their relationship progress and ahhhh, so good. Its based in the 1940's btw. I can rewatch that movie over and over again. Another good one from Hallmark is the movie "Front of the Class". Dont get me started on that one. ;)

So there you have it! Five random facts :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Journal Entry: 3

Today was a pretty crappy day.
Early in the morning, I checked to see any updates for the winners of Elizabeth Scott's contest, and I didnt win. Thats not what made my day crappy, if youre wondering. I guess I was disappointed, but hey, we recover from disappointment, right? But anyway, second period was pretty funny. My teacher told us he would be calling us up to check our Journal Entries for Catcher in the Rye, and for some odd reason, he called me up first. He usually does it by alphabetical order, and my last name starts with an L. so I thought it was strange, but no one seemed to notice. So when I come up there, hes on his computer clicking something and then musics starts playing. I didnt think much of it, and he was taking an awful amount of time checking my papers then he usually does. I even think he actually read an entry. But I finallllly figured out that he was stalling for the songs chorus, which was "Hands, touching hands, reaching out
Touching me, touching you
Oh, sweet Caroline
Good times never seem so good
I've been inclined to believe it never would"
Ha. Not a lot of people noticed at first but I certainly did because he was talking to me about this song the other day. My teacher, if you're wondering, is super hilarious. He reminds me of Conan O Brian- humor wise. There was this one time our VP came in our class room to talk about the CHASEE test, and she said that there would be prizes for the people who did SUPER excellent, and one of those prizes insisted of a hundred bucks. And then Mr. Norton raises his hand and says, "Oh, she forgot to tell you the greatest prize of all- you'll also receive an autographed picture of me." We all just were laughing hysterically.
Anyways, when the "Sweet Caroline" verse came on again, he said, "Thanks, CAROLINE" and then everyone finally understood and were all laughing and I was kind of embarrassed but I found it pretty funny too.
And now on to the worst part of my day.
My P.E teacher of last semester gave me a C in P.E, which balanced out to a B on my report card because I originally had 2 A's coming from the time before I had P.E class because I did golf as a sport. Anyways, my sister was very upset I had a B, because honestly, thats quite pathetic. No worries if you think so too. If anything, I completely agree. But the thing is, I dont deserve a C. If anything, I deserve a B- at the very least. Definitely not a C. And what makes me more C is that he gave me a freakin E for citizen ship. How in the world does that work out??
So my sister called him and then today in P.E he pulled me out of my new class (i dont have him as a teacher anymore) and he was discussing to my why I got a C and asked for MY input, so I of course stood by my thoughts and told him I felt like I deserved a B- at the absolute very least. Certainly not a C. And then he told me how I and my friends in the class (Golf Buddies: Reeanna, Eanna, and Antonielle) dont try in Ultimate Frisbee and how we did nothing in the weight room. And I told him that we didnt enjoy Ultimate Frisbee at all, yet we still did participate. If anything, I understand the Ultimate Frisbee part, BUT WE ONLY PLAYED THREE TIMES OUT OF THE THREE MONTHS WE WERE IN THAT CLASS!! He cant base off our grade in that particular sport. And how we did do things in the weight room. We jump roped. And we'd do Dumb Bells, and the ab machine, and even sit ups. Sure, this routine was repetitive, but its doing something rather than doing nothing. And we'd even go up to the soccer field every day to take attendance for him. When I pointed that out to him, he said "You wanna know why I asked you guys to do that?"
And I already knew the answer. I really did. "To make use of our time by doing you a favor?" And he just nodded his head. Really. This frustrates me. And when I told him I thought he didnt take this class seriously because he'd come out twenty minutes out the locker room than we did, he told me his excuse that was pointless to me. It really was a huge waste of my time. And when I asked him about my stupid citizenship grade he told me he liked me as a person but hes not going to base my behavior on my actual grade. OMIGOODNESS, it just doesn't make sense. I mean, he has a point, but the thing is- I did all the standards that should be good enough to reach above average. We ran the mile in standard time. Which is 6 laps in fifteen minutes. We followed the rules, did what we were supposed to do, and I pointed this out to him and he just calmly would answer back and that really just pissed me off. And the stupidly sensitive person I can be came out and I could feel my voice wavering and then I began to cry. My eyes were stinging like crazy and as much as I tried to stop I couldn't. And he just stood there all quiet and I finally gathered myself together and told him I had to get dressed and that if he would like to discuss this any further than do so with my sister. And I just left. I feel super duper stupid for crying, that part really wasnt needed. But sometimes, my emotions get the best of me. I feel ESPECIALLY bad for Reeanna because him giving her a C averaging out to a B ruined her 4.0. I was upset for her when she told me. Im just upset all together. But Im a strong girl and know that Ill get past this. Sometimes, its best to forget and just try again, although I tend to avoid that guide line. Im very stubborn, but in the end, I learn from it.
And then I WAS going to talk to Dexter boy. Theres this guy at the bus stop whom goes to my school that looks EXACTLY like Michael C. Hall just with tanner skin, and I really wanna tell him that, because I LOVEEEE Dexter (the Showtime show) but I looked toi bad of a mess to even be talking. My day ended pretty bad, so hopefully I can go to the gym and just run it off. Oh! And you guys know how I love to add a pic for all my posts, so heres my new book shelf! On the tope is where I keep my YA novels or what you could call chick-flick novels. And you guys have no idea how much I cherish my Sarah Dessen collection. NO idea. Sure, I dont have ALLL her books, but I do have seven out of the nine. I let my friend borrow Someone Like You though (How to Deal, so That Summer is combined) but I keep it first on top, right next to my bedside :) I treasure my Sarah Dessen collection and cant wait for my collection to be fulfilled. And the ones beside that particular collection are just all sorts of different books I have. Towards the end of the first shelf though are some auto-biography books that I couldn't stop reading once I had the book in my hands. So any book on my top shelf is what I HIGHLY recommend, except for the ones at the VERY end. Ive yet to read those ones. And on the second shelf are just books I know Im going to have to read next year, and some other ones I havent read as well. My top shelf really is just like, my main collection. And on the VERY top of my shelf is everything I need right before I go to bed. A lamp, for if Im reading a book and dont wanna get up to turn the light on, perfumes for the morning, germ x, and a basket of miscellaneous things. Well, thanks for reading guys if you did read!