Thursday, January 21, 2010

Journal Blog

So this is just a blog thats really nothing beauty related. Im probably just going to ramble on about the things happening in my life, I guess what you could call an "update".So, I realized that Im pretty much the only one reading my blog. Funny, right? I mean, it is pathetic, dont get me wrong, but I havent done much to advertise it much, so once I get around to doing that, my blog will be in full swing and you'll discover this journal of mine :)Today at school, it was raining HARD. Especailly during lunch, so I ended up hanging out in the library with my friend Antonielle and we just check out some books. Speaking of books, I never mentioned that I LOVE to read. My favourite author is Sarah Dessen, whom I was so fortunate to meet. Shes really just a down to Earth person who was so incredibly kind. I have read all her books at least twice, but my favorite book from her is "Just Listen." Seriously, its one of the best YA books out there. Highly reccomend. And then theres "Along for the Ride", "The Truth About Forever", "Keeping the Moon", probably her most famous one is "Someone Like You", since they made a movie out of that one. (Personally, I like the book better, but thats always how it goes, right?) and theres a bunch ore, but Im sure you get the point. I actually just reread "Just Listen" for probably the twentieth time, and I always get this excitement and rush when reading it, which is strange because I already know what's going to happen. Still, I love that feeling.Anywho, once my friend and I were done checking out our books, the bell end up ringing so we go outside, and all of a sudden the guy who i think is SUPER cute comes running up to Antonielle and gives her a very nice looking hugg. Words will never explain my jealousy at that moment, but these are the moments that make us human, right? Haha, and plus, I can never get upset over something like that, especially when it comes to Antonielle since I lover so darn much. But I just WISH I could introduce myself to him (we both know of eachother, never actually talked) but he has a girlfriend, so Im just leaving it alone. For now. (sighhhhhh)What else? Hmm, I got an A in math? Well, barely,an 89 %, but still an A, so its all good.Well, football season is close to over (thank goodness, such a dissappointing season for my hometown team :[ ) but you know what that means... Baseball is coming up!! In the summer of 07, I was obsessed baseball, pretty much with the Padres. I seriously cant even tell you how heartbraking it was on the last wild card game, probably the most intense wild card game ever. I mean, afterall, it did determine who was going to make it to the playoffs. Damn those Colorodo Rockies.The funny this about how I got into baseball will most likely sound typical to you, but I was just doing mmy thing at my sisters place, when my bro turned it onto baseball. I imediatley noticed the good looking guys who played the sport, and my passion steadily grew from the good looking guys to the gae itself. People assume I dont know anything when it comes to baseball, but I know my positions and lineups. Honestly, Im not that pathetic. And plus, a lot of people always say its about the gae, not the looks, which I totally agree with, but honestly, the good looks dont hurt. Take Grady Sizemore for instance. Gourgeous baseball player with a pretty good batting average. OR you can take David Wright, pretty much all around Mr. Perfect. Plays third base amazingly, has a great batting average, and honestly has some serious good looks. Like the perfect American Baseball Player. Goodness. And please, dont get me started on Joe Maurer. Lets just say, pretty much an exact look alike for Eddie Cahill, Detective Don Flack in CSI NY. But instead of an actor, you get the best catcher in the whole MLB. Now that, has reached beyond my standards.Is it creepy that Ive always imagined (or wish, I guess) that I go to college, meet a baseball player, fall madly in love, and then he gets signed to the majors? Ha, that sounds like a fantasy to me, but hey, you never know. That might just happen. Ehhh, who am I kidding, Im crossing my figers that it will. Baseball players are beyond attractive, or most of them at least.Alright, i'll get off that subject. So, tomorrow is Friday. And whats after Friday?? The weekend!! :D
So I just wrote like, A WHOLE BUNCH MORE, but it all got deleted, and I am VERY upset. Just so I dont take this out onmy blog, Im going to leave. Thanks for reading blog, hope you guys have a good one.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

This little guys deserves a lot more credit in the beauty world. I say this is even better then the Shu Uemora one. This lash curler is able to capture every single lash of mine and bring them to life, creating and holding an almost perfect curl. Once I add mascara, my lashes look beautifully legnthened, something that they were never able to look like before this particular item came stepping into my life.
This lash curler retails at 17 dollars at the Laura Mercier counters, which are usually in Nordstoms or Blooming Dales. Oh, and a bonus? Doesnt pinch, AT ALL! Plus, its travel friendly :)

Football Sunday

I wont even lie, I was unfaithful to my diet today.
But isnt Football Sunday a good enough excuse?? :)
Lately, Ive been eating healthy after reading the book "Skinny Bitch" and Ive actually made a point to commit to this diet of mine. The book states they want their readers to give up meat and the tasty goodness that follows after that and adapt to a vegan lifestyle. Okay, asking me to give up meat is one thing, but becoming vegan? Come on now, lets be realistic. Sure, if you became vegan you'll sure as hell lose wight. But then again, you can lose weight even if your not a vegan and enjoy the foods you love best. BUT, (theres always a but) I did make a promise to myself that I'd give up eating all beef and pork, so now my meat diet is just chicken and seafood. You're probably thinking go full vegetarian, or dont go at all. Wellll, excluding out beef is better then excluding out nothing at all, and might I add I am very proud of what I have been able to accomplish so far. Yes, its only been two weeks. But within two weeks, each day would be a meat fest, including carne asada burritos, taco tuesdays, steak vegetable stir fry, and honestly, the list could go on and on. Now, I am eating chicken salads, cabbage and eggs, meatless spaggheti, celeray and peanut butter, and biggest thing of all, Ive finally incorporated OATMEAL to my diet. Its not as bad as I imagined it to be, but its definitley not something I ask for every morning. Oh, and im still drinking green Tea. Oh! I also gave up soda as well.
A lot of people have told me that I dont need to go on a diet. Well, technically I really dont. Im not within the boundaries of over weight and such, due to the fact I have a fast metabolism to be thankful for. But, I did realize after reading the book that I should be eating healthier, incorporating fruits and vegetables to my diet each day, rather then eating fatty, processed, over caloric foods each day. Also, drinking 8 glasses of water is extremely important. You want to be able to purify your body by hydrating and cleansing it.
Now, I would i like to make it clear that im on a healthy diet. Im not on a strict as ever kind of diet. I still enjoy the foods I love most just eating less of it. Im not like "Oh no, 260 calories? Gotta put that back." Noo! I still love food, i just like keep a better option open. I dont eat when im bored and eat when Im full. I take things slowly, know when my mind is communicating with my stomach and is telling me that Ive had enough. Listen to your body, dont let your mind take over. I used to be like that, id eat till there was no more left, even though after eating half I was full. I let my mind control my body. Let your body control your mind, or let them work together.
So anyways, telling you about what I ate today. Its pretty bad for my usual routine, but I couldnt help myself! Its the playoffs, I had to do it ;)
Two slices of cheese pizza, 2 serving of doritos paired with guocamole and fat free sour cream, and an Ice tea. *Cringe* I should of slowed down, but I let my excitement get the best of me. But dont worry, Ill return to my healthy eating habbits by tomorrow. Promise.
So I hope this advice helped you out! Have a good one guys.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Wowie Wow WOW! I am SOO in love with this perfume. Dare I say it, I love it a TAD bit more then my Ralph Lauren Hot :O Yes, I said it. But I have many reasons.
First, the bottle. Yes, its funky looking, but I absolutley love the uniqueness of it, and I feel it gives my perfume collection a more sophisticated look.
So moving on to the more important part: The smell.
The smell first comes off as a citrusy, slightly masculine with a vanilla undertone kind of smell that is just... everything I can ask for in a perfume. I love guy scents. Im not even going to try to deny it. I love the clean kind of scent with the freshness intact but still comes off a little masculine. And the fact that this perfume contains this, completley a two thumbs up. The citrusness is definitley the most noticable part about this perfume. While its not overly strong, its there enough to allow the scent to be more of a summer scent. And Im pretty sure nearly everyone loves a bit of citrus to their signature scent, or maybe its just me *shruggs*. And then the very soft vanilla undertone is subtle enough to create this perfume in a more girly scent but still be a complex (yet enjoyable!) perfume.
Overall, I highly reccomend this to people who love un-generic smells, like Dolce & Gabbanna Light Blue or Ralph by Ralph Lauren. You can purchase this at Sephora, Ulta, or Department stores. I even saw this at TJ Max for 30 bucks!
Hope this helped out!

I looked up the notes for you just so you get a more clear insight look of how this perfume will smell.

Top notes: pink grapefruit fizz, Sicilian bergamot, red currant leaves
Mid notes: sugar orchid, white cactus
Base notes: neon amber, vanilla souffle, red cedar

Just Water??

Lately, Ive been using just water for my skin care routine. Now, I dont have bad skin to beguin with, but I do get the occasion pimple here and there. Usually, the zits make a specific target on my forehead, but lately, Ive been getting some spots on my cheeks as well. I finally discovered that it was the cleanser I was using (Clean and Clear Deep Action Cleanser) that created these very random spots on my cheeks. I decided to stop using it, but that led me to using just water then, for I have other skin care products, but I just dont trust them as much as I put my trust in Clean and Clear products. So I opted for water. I mean, it is natural, right?
Anyways, its been about two weeks, and Ive got to say, my skin has not looked as great as it does now in months. My skin is pretty sensitive Ill admit, but it could always put up with a few of the face washes I would apply to my face. But since water is just pure and natural and definitley contains no chemicals, my skin has been drinking it all in and seems to be a bit moistorized as well. Of course, I still use my Clinique moistorizer, but Ive noticed that my skin is a bit less dry then it would be normally if I were to use a face wash. So to say, I have been loving this VERY inexpensive skin care routine (ha!) and am enjoying the results.
I say give this a week. Take a break from all those chemicals, and try to see how your skin will react to just water. My face feels a lot more refeshed by just doing so.
I hope this helped!