Saturday, January 16, 2010


Wowie Wow WOW! I am SOO in love with this perfume. Dare I say it, I love it a TAD bit more then my Ralph Lauren Hot :O Yes, I said it. But I have many reasons.
First, the bottle. Yes, its funky looking, but I absolutley love the uniqueness of it, and I feel it gives my perfume collection a more sophisticated look.
So moving on to the more important part: The smell.
The smell first comes off as a citrusy, slightly masculine with a vanilla undertone kind of smell that is just... everything I can ask for in a perfume. I love guy scents. Im not even going to try to deny it. I love the clean kind of scent with the freshness intact but still comes off a little masculine. And the fact that this perfume contains this, completley a two thumbs up. The citrusness is definitley the most noticable part about this perfume. While its not overly strong, its there enough to allow the scent to be more of a summer scent. And Im pretty sure nearly everyone loves a bit of citrus to their signature scent, or maybe its just me *shruggs*. And then the very soft vanilla undertone is subtle enough to create this perfume in a more girly scent but still be a complex (yet enjoyable!) perfume.
Overall, I highly reccomend this to people who love un-generic smells, like Dolce & Gabbanna Light Blue or Ralph by Ralph Lauren. You can purchase this at Sephora, Ulta, or Department stores. I even saw this at TJ Max for 30 bucks!
Hope this helped out!

I looked up the notes for you just so you get a more clear insight look of how this perfume will smell.

Top notes: pink grapefruit fizz, Sicilian bergamot, red currant leaves
Mid notes: sugar orchid, white cactus
Base notes: neon amber, vanilla souffle, red cedar

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