Thursday, January 12, 2012

A New Year, New People to Meet

Today I went to dinner with my close friend Ariel and hilarious friend Grady and their Australian exchange students Haylee and Meten, who happen to be boyfriend and girlfriend! They're such a cute couple. We went to get a comforting bowl of pho and had some really good laughs. It was Grady and the Aussies first time having pho and they were very satisfied. Ariel and I just knew it would be a success ;)

Afterward, I treated all of them out to ice cream. If you're going to come to the states, you have to get Rite Aid ice cream! Hahaha, good old Thriftys. Grady has such a huge appetite, he downed two scoops in like, five minutes. After that, Ariel dropped me off and now I'm here giving a brief run down of my day. I'm really thankful to have had classes with Ariel this year, otherwise I know for a fact that we would never have been more than acquaintances. But because we suffer through Public Speaking and Marine Science together, our tradition has become getting a bowl of pho and discussing any random though that comes to mind. I adore her, and am so glad to have her as a friend.

As for the Australians, they were just too cool for me. Their accents, their style, ahhh I just can't handle it! They're all just so adorable, oh how I wish I was from Australia. But anyway, that concludes my night! I hope you all had a fabulous one as well :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 Resolutions

I have a really hard time sticking to these, so I'm not making any promises by any means, but I will do my best to apply myself to these resolutions, because it's all for the better. Here are my top three resolutions.

Resolution 1- Stop be so stingy.
I'm pretty frugal when it comes to money, mainly because I'm saving up for a car and I know there's going to be a lot of expenses that come with it. But, I work pretty hard for my money and I deserve to spend it the way I please! So with that, I'll treat myself more often than I already do and sometimes even pay for others, just because I feel like it.

Resolution 2- Get over my fear of starvation.
I know, this is lame, but because I have this fear I like to eat. A lot. So it's very easy for me to overeat and that's not healthy, so now I limit my portions and eat about three times a day. This is going to be a hard one to stick too but for the past five days I've done an exceptional job.

Resolution 3- Stop gossiping.
Honestly, if Merriam Webster knew me, he would list my face as the definition of 'gossiper'. I gossip because I like to vent and talk about others who I'm not fond with. Some people deserve it, while others I'm just doing it in spite of the person, and that's honestly not fair.  Also, gossiping can change your life in an instant. Friendships change and you're automatically looked at differently, in a not-so-good way. I hope that I can take this seriously, because 92.148 % of the people I know don't deserve someone to talk behind their backs. It's an immature action, and unfair to others. The remainder of that percentage, however, well... no comment.