Sunday, October 31, 2010


Wow. Im not even sure where to start! Well, Ill start from where I left off. Sooo, after you read how I was mourning the loss of Lucy, aka my laptop, turns out that instead of getting a sweet 16 for my birthday, Im getting a laptop! Which Im completely happy with!! :DDD Im so excited, I should be getting it by the end of this month. So I wont get in depth with this AT ALL but that friend I use to talk about all the time on here, yeahhh, well we're not really friends after a... conflict between us. I guess she thought Id be forgiving. But Im not. Which is kind of weird, because even Ill admit that Im a super nice person but if you screw something up thats important to me, then its over. I hold grudges and Im not ashamed of it. Although I will admit I was looking at our past conversations and its just really sad to think our friendship took a turn for the worst. If youre wondering "will you ever talk to her again?" the answer is: I dont know. Im not concerned about that right now but if I give it time, like maybe a years worth, then we'll see where it goes. We did leave on a civil note so that was good. Four years ago I was good friends with this guy and then he did something stupid to me and I didnt talk to him until two weeks ago. Mainly because we were put in the same study group in history, but that's still a 4 whopping years. Its funny though because now we're super nice to each other, but Im telling you, I don't mess around. I take it for what it is and walk away. Anyway, I became even better friends with one of her good friends named Blake. Hes the most cutest blonde guy you'll ever come across with a personality that captures you the moment you shake hands- literally. I actually met him 3 years ago at her birthday party and we exchanged numbers and ended up hanging out a few times. We kinda faded and talked on and off for the next two years but then when we saw each other over the summer of 010, we started texting and ever since the conflict between her & I he's been there for me and we hang out even more. Theres too many things to name about Blake but one thing I live for about him is his stories. MY GOODNESS. Just one story and you will seriously be on the ground DYING. Heres a picture of Blake and I during September when we just started getting closer!

And then I invited him to a charity event the following week that my friends mom hosts every year and she needs waiters so Him, I, and two of my good friends Reeanna and Eanna came out to help.
During the whole conflict between that friend and I, Reeanna & Eanna were the two friends who were there for me, listened to my venting, and gave me advice when I needed it most. Words will never ever describe how thankful I am for these girls <3 Ive known Reeanna since the sixth grade from our English class (aweee) and Eanna since freshman year when we sat next to each other in geometry. And then we all ended up playing golf together in 2009 and it was one of the greatest experiences that I could ask for. Not the golf part (it was a good experience but not the absolute greatest thing) but just being able to be with them and let our friendship become even closer. Reeanna and Eanna are extremely sarcastic w/ each other and its beyond entertaining to watch. Hahaha, Im the middle ground of the two but we all get along like the 3 musketeers! Im going to be so depressed when Eanna moves for college :/ Heres a picture of the three of us! I adore these lovely ladies <3

And then here is a picture of Blake and I and Brianna at the event, he thought he was overdressed when really I was just underdressed. I always dress up to this even but for some reason this year I was like, ehhhh, Ill just rock the black skinny jeans, V neck, and vans ;) Excuse the sweatyness, after we serve all the food and all the announcements are done we're allowed to go dance on the dance floor :D But for the most part Blake was seriously KILLING me and Brianna the whole entire times with his hilarious stories. And while we were dancing he pulled me aside and excitedly said "OHMYGOD. I just had the greatest idea ever. Im going to go to your homecoming!!" So he basically invited himself- but I probably would have asked him anyway. And the idea seemed beyond amazing. I would love to see him get down at my schools homecoming! (We go to different schools, just an FYI)

So the following week, one of the friends I met for the second time of the girl I dont talk to anymore was at the party and her and I just clicked. Her name is Kayla and she stayed with me practically the whole entire night and comforted me because I felt like shit the whole night. Shes a super sweet girl and also naturally gorgeous. Well, I told her that for her senior pictures that I will do her makeup for her because Im a pro at makeup and makeup consumes my mind about 99 % of the time ;)
But she was so excited for the idea and we set up a date. But then the week after the benefit dinner, she texted me and asked if I wanted to come with her and her parents to a hotel (within my area) and do her moms makeup because there was a party hosted at the hotel and it was fancy schmancy so of course I said yes! But it was kind of weird because it was only the third time we met- yet we were having a sleepover. Strange, but it felt like I knew her forever. So I was comfortable. And her parents seemed to like me a lot as I adored them. Haha, her dad was like "You really need to meet my son Tony." ;DD Bahahaha, and her mom ended up LOVING her makeup which made me of course very very happy. So Kayla and I ended up going to the mall across the street (AND SHE DROVE THE HUMMER, MIND YOU SHES LIKE 100 POUNDS!!) and got dinner, went back to the hotel, went to the jacuzzi, went back to the room, talked and played with makeup, and then afterwards we crashed her dads companies party x) It was such a fun night!

And then the next day I ended up going to the mall with Blake so we could go shopping for his senior portrait shirt and needless to say... he went a little out of control with his wallet. I did too, I wont deny it, but I did waay less damage then he did. But we couldnt help it! Haha, its a lot of fun shopping with Blake.

Oh! And as for my school life- I got a 4.1 on my last progress report which Im SOOOOO proud of myself for. Ive also been hanging out with a sweet sweet girl named Bahar at lunch in our journalism room and her and I just get along so easily! At first, I never really associated myself with her cause she seemed quiet and shy, but when the girl who sat next to her was out for a week due to illness, we began talking, then going on our campus adventures (with journalism, if you have the sticker your free to pull people out of class for an interview or just roam the school to get what you need done) and then it just kind of built on from there. Shes extremely funny and I love how calm and collected she is. Soo Im really glad that Ive come across such an amazingly good friend <33 I also got the role of the makeup artist for my school play which is happening this week so Im super excited! I get to miss class and I actually feel like Im semi apart of such an awesome production! And my good friend Megan is one of the main actresses for this play (its called "And then they Came for Me" The life of Anne Frank) so Im so stoked to be able to work with her. My sisters are really proud of me and how well Ive been doing this school year. But Im telling you now that I had to work really hard to get where I am. I actually had a C in honors US History, but I was 1% away from a B and had to compromise with my history teacher and doing anything thing I could to get my grade to that 80.9 I have right now. And I did it. Within one day. May not impress you but I was so happy when I accomplished in doing so.
So now fast forwarding to homecoming. I got ready at around four, Reeanna came over to get her makeup done, and then I had thirty minutes before Blake came so I was scrambling all over the place. ON TOP OF THAT, my group of friends (aka the asian group) bailed last minute of our plan of meeting up for a quick dinner so I was beyond pissed. And when Blake came, I had rushed out of the house with no necklace, and only one earring in and I forgot to fill in my brows -____- So we ended up going to dinner by ourselves and we went to a Pho place we discovered by fate in a little plaza and it was the most randomest thing in the world but it was also very good and a satisfied meal. I need Blake to come eat some of my mothers homemade pho though! Haha, and then afterward we went to starbucks to get his quick fix of coffee because he had to be extra alert at the dance and then we went to Rite Aid so I could buy (you guessed it) an eyebrow pencil and some cheap necklace LOL. And then we headed down to my school, got into the dance, and the DJ was LAME. Goodness, who plays a song three times????? It was horrible. But Blake and I tried to make the most of it and danced. And then we saw Bahar and her group of friends and we ended up taking our professional homecoming picture with them cause the asians were procrastinating. The photographer told Blake, "Woahh you are one lucky guy!" LOL. With four girls and 1 guy- go figure ;)
And then theres this one guy that I think is reeeeeaaaaaalllllly cute so I took a picture with him which I wont post because I don't want to... well I do, but I know that I shouldnt. Anywho, I told him, "You and I are going to dance later." And he was like "Oh of course!" And so two hours into the dance I know my time is running out. And Blake tried getting me to dance with him like four times but I kept making excuses and backing out. Finally, Blake had enough and was verbally forcing me to go ask him to dance after we spent 5 minutes searching for him on the dance floor (im not a stalker I swear!) and he was talking with one of his friends so at least he wasnt dancing with some girl cause that would just be rude if I just cut in. So after quick words of motivation from Blake and him walking away and leaving me to fend for myself, I walk up to him and said, "you and I, lets go." and he smiled (gahhh he has a killer smile) and I took him hand and led him to some spot on the dance floor. Let me tell you, he may be one year younger than me but he could really dance. And ahhhh it was just like, cloud nine for me. Haha, his hands were at my waist and then all of a sudden he let go and I lost my rhythem for a moment and thought "what the hell did I do D:" but then he placed his hands back on my waist and was like "sorry about that, my teacher said she'll pull anyone dancing too "inappropriately" (heh) into the time out room. YES we have a time out room for anyone who gets down a little *too* much. So we danced for about two songs and then my legs were giving out so I that ended one of the highlight of my nights. Sighhhh. Ahhh Im so happy Blake pushed me to dance w/ him, or else Id be having a lot of regrets. But anywho, Blake and i hit the dance floor again and then after homecoming we went to Dennys with Stephanie, Jacob, Nick, Jenny, Blake, and I. So no one was really talking so I say, "Blake, tell them some stories." and I kid you not, for the next hour in a half Blake is making every single of us DIEEE laughing at every single story he told. Just his expression and tone and how lively he makes his stories are soo hysterical. It got so funny that Nick was crying , blood shot eyes and everything. And then he did his gerber baby face thats freaking legendary and everyone just could not. stop. laughing. That was definitely the highlight of my night. One of my friends posted a pic of all of us and her caption was "Ive never laughed that hard in my lifee" and apparently when they were on their way home they were still laughing x) Blake is such an entertainer. Goodness I adore him so much! Here are some pictures from homecoming! Theres not much, just because I didnt really take many pics ): So I apologize!

Bahar and I :) I <33 her!

Nick and I <33

And of course, my guest of honor, Blake and I :)

Hope you found this update entertaining! Thanks for reading if you did!