Thursday, September 2, 2010

Gahh Im Terrible.

But I have an exscuse. My laptop, aka Lucy, broke. And if I were to explain how that happened Id be flooded in tears so lets not start on that. But yeaah, its been really hard to get on the internet without my own computer, and Im not getting a new one till senior year (Im a junior) so I honestly dont know what Im going to be doing. Right now, Im on my fathers computer due to convienent fact he is not home D: But I thought this was a good oppertunity to start writing and updating! So yes, I am terrible for not updating you all sooner, to the two people who are following me. Summer is almost over and I might as well cry. Is it weird that it bugs me when I see my FB newsfeed filled with people saying their excited for school to start because theyre sooo over Summer? Really? Is your summer THAT lame for you wanting to go back to school. I mean, my summer is no where near exciting but I certainly choose my summer over a who new school year. Sighhh. Oh well, two more years to go and Im free from highschool. I honestly think the number one thing Im looking forward to school is getting it over with. Yeaah, Im not a really big school gal. But going on to the topic of how my summer was, it was overall good! I mean, I think the number one bad thing about my summer is my laptop breaking. I cried for one week straight. I get really sad from time to time, but I just know that sometimes I gotta move on and suck it up. It just gets hard. But beside that, I went to the very famous Comic Con this summer and ontop of that went to the very VIP Showtime party on the roof top of a fancy shmancy hotel and MINGLED WITH MICHAEL C HALL AKA DEXTER!!! I think I can die happily now. It was such an awesome experience meeting him, it really was. Hes so kind and down to earth you wouldnt believe! When I asked for a hug goodbye he was like "And Ill give you a hug right back!" :DDDD <--- Im smiled like that for days. DAYS. :) Until my laptop broke 3 days later. Then you saw this on my face: D: to o_o to -___- to ); but quadruple that face to its worth sobbing hysterical cry. It was pretty bad how sad I was. Still am sad :/ Ahh enough of this debbie downer stuff. So yes, I met my fav actor of all time, my sister met the cast of her favourite show of all time (the show Castle) at Comic Con as well, since I ended up winning her a ticket :) Hmmm,I was able to hang out with Montana a lot this summer! I was super happy about that cause my worst fear is that we would fade over summer D: But we just got closer really! Since we go to different schools though it will probably be hard for us once school starts but I hate thinking that way ): Hmm, Im trying to think if there was anything else exciting but I honestly cant think of anything else besides normal things that make me happy, like watching movies, hanging out with friends and family, just normal things really. Havent gotten any new books so I need to jump on that D: My birthday is coming up on the tenth of this month (september) and Im kinda excited :) Hoping to get a barnes and noble gift card, the Mac 217, 239, and 222, and to finally start my drivers ed :/ Still havent been able to do that yet o_o And of course theres a million other things I want but Ill just have to wait till Im a billionaire. Bahah I sound so terrible and cocky right now. I hope I dont become a homeless person and jinx my future o_o Oh! I got my schedule for my classes! Im taking honors English, since Im surprisingly really good at the subject and even impress myself at times, and also honors history. I dont know why but I admire history so much. Especially the war time era, like world war 1 & 2. I just find it so fascinating and amusing. I kind of have this dream of becoming a historian one day but uhh, we'll see how that goes. Another exciting class Ill be taking in journalism :D Believe it or not I want to become a news anchor (in all seriousness) so I think this class will definitely be ideal for my college needs and experience. Hopefully I enjoy the class, cause Im really excited for this oppertunity to finally take it! I really enjoy reading and writing. And yes its compeltely ok to think Im crazy. For those of you thinking, "Why do you hate school so much if your good at these subjects?" Well, Ill tell you why. Even if you werent even wondering. I DESPISE with the passion, Math and Science. Honestly, why and what more do you need to know beyond the basics? I just find it so unnecessary that in order to fulfill a proper education you need to know slopes and reciprocals, to capacity and offspring. Honestly, my strive for my goals have nothing to do with those two subjects. Completely unnecessary in my POV but its okay if you differ. Some people were born smart. Others were, well, not. Im in that category. I have to study like no other to get something in my head. Oh, and another reason why Im not looking forward to school: I like my sleep. Lots and lots of sleep. Waking up early is like asking my to run 10 miles in five minutes. It just not possible. My sisters tell me its a nightmare waking me up. And boy do I believe it.
Sorry if this blog post seemed super long and pointless, consider this ramble and an update ;) I wish I had pictures to throw in cause you know how I love including pictures but I dont have a laptop to be uploading them too D: *tear* Im going to leave now, but I really do hope Ill be back on here soon <3
Much love, Caroline.