Saturday, September 17, 2011

Journal Entry Number 4

Hi everybody! Sorry for the extraordinarily late update! Ever since school started I seriously don't even have time for anything. Between homework and working and sleeping, I can finally be considered a loser with absolutely no life. But I feel like I always knew I was one, deep, deeeeeep down inside. I actually have some homework I vowed to do at 12:00, and the most I've done is simply download a reading assignment. I haven't even read one word.
So where to start?! School began in early September, and I have to say, I am NOT enjoying my senior year. Seriously- I have more work than I've ever had in my life- including junior year which is supposed to be the hardest year. I can't even wrap my mind around how much work I have to do, its just ridiculous. I mean, I'm a senior. I am not supposed to be doing stuff. It's just... awful. And I know I'm being a drama queen and exaggerating, but I simply cannot get over the amount of crap I'm doing this year.
Aside from the fact my school year isn't starting off the greatest, my birthday was on the tenth of this month! I celebrated with my family and close friends the day before at one of my favorite Mediterranean restaurants, and my best friend, Jacob, got my the Ray Bans I've been wanting for the past two years. I was so so so excited and am so happy, I love my Jacob :)
Nick, me, Elaine, and Jacob
The next day, on the actual day of my birthday, I went to lunch at my favorite Thai restaurant with my sisters and mom. Then I went to my best friend Bahars cousins wedding! I was her "date" and I was also there with Heliya, another friend of hers who is so sweet. I met her lovely family and we danced the night away, it was so much fun.

Two of the prettiest things in this pitcure- Heliya and my Ray Bans.
Bahar was such a gorgeous maid of honor.
I also talked to my best friend (I have a lot of best friends if you couldn't tell) Megan three nights ago. She moved to Montana, and I haven't talked to her all summer long. But I was so so so happy to hear her voice and being able to chat with her like old times completed my week. I miss her more than anyone can ever imagine.

And now I am here typing, when instead I should really be doing my homework. And I have work later tonight. UGHH my life revolves around school and work now. Summer, why'd you have to leave?

Till next time,