Journal Entries

So this is just a blog thats really nothing beauty related. Im probably just going to ramble on about the things happening in my life, I guess what you could call an "update".So, I realized that Im pretty much the only one reading my blog. Funny, right? I mean, it is pathetic, dont get me wrong, but I havent done much to advertise it much, so once I get around to doing that, my blog will be in full swing and you'll discover this journal of mine :)Today at school, it was raining HARD. Especailly during lunch, so I ended up hanging out in the library with my friend Antonielle and we just check out some books. Speaking of books, I never mentioned that I LOVE to read. My favourite author is Sarah Dessen, whom I was so fortunate to meet. Shes really just a down to Earth person who was so incredibly kind. I have read all her books at least twice, but my favorite book from her is "Just Listen." Seriously, its one of the best YA books out there. Highly reccomend. And then theres "Along for the Ride", "The Truth About Forever", "Keeping the Moon", probably her most famous one is "Someone Like You", since they made a movie out of that one. (Personally, I like the book better, but thats always how it goes, right?) and theres a bunch ore, but Im sure you get the point. I actually just reread "Just Listen" for probably the twentieth time, and I always get this excitement and rush when reading it, which is strange because I already know what's going to happen. Still, I love that feeling.Anywho, once my friend and I were done checking out our books, the bell end up ringing so we go outside, and all of a sudden the guy who i think is SUPER cute comes running up to Antonielle and gives her a very nice looking hugg. Words will never explain my jealousy at that moment, but these are the moments that make us human, right? Haha, and plus, I can never get upset over something like that, especially when it comes to Antonielle since I lover so darn much. But I just WISH I could introduce myself to him (we both know of eachother, never actually talked) but he has a girlfriend, so Im just leaving it alone. For now. (sighhhhhh)What else? Hmm, I got an A in math? Well, barely,an 89 %, but still an A, so its all good.Well, football season is close to over (thank goodness, such a dissappointing season for my hometown team :[ ) but you know what that means... Baseball is coming up!! In the summer of 07, I was obsessed baseball, pretty much with the Padres. I seriously cant even tell you how heartbraking it was on the last wild card game, probably the most intense wild card game ever. I mean, afterall, it did determine who was going to make it to the playoffs. Damn those Colorodo Rockies.The funny this about how I got into baseball will most likely sound typical to you, but I was just doing mmy thing at my sisters place, when my bro turned it onto baseball. I imediatley noticed the good looking guys who played the sport, and my passion steadily grew from the good looking guys to the gae itself. People assume I dont know anything when it comes to baseball, but I know my positions and lineups. Honestly, Im not that pathetic. And plus, a lot of people always say its about the gae, not the looks, which I totally agree with, but honestly, the good looks dont hurt. Take Grady Sizemore for instance. Gourgeous baseball player with a pretty good batting average. OR you can take David Wright, pretty much all around Mr. Perfect. Plays third base amazingly, has a great batting average, and honestly has some serious good looks. Like the perfect American Baseball Player. Goodness. And please, dont get me started on Joe Maurer. Lets just say, pretty much an exact look alike for Eddie Cahill, Detective Don Flack in CSI NY. But instead of an actor, you get the best catcher in the whole MLB. Now that, has reached beyond my standards.Is it creepy that Ive always imagined (or wish, I guess) that I go to college, meet a baseball player, fall madly in love, and then he gets signed to the majors? Ha, that sounds like a fantasy to me, but hey, you never know. That might just happen. Ehhh, who am I kidding, Im crossing my figers that it will. Baseball players are beyond attractive, or most of them at least.Alright, i'll get off that subject. So, tomorrow is Friday. And whats after Friday?? The weekend!! :D
So I just wrote like, A WHOLE BUNCH MORE, but it all got deleted, and I am VERY upset. Just so I dont take this out onmy blog, Im going to leave. Thanks for reading blog, hope you guys have a good one.