Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bloom by Elizabeth Scott

Alright, so Ill start off by saying this: In eigth grade, my passion for books sky rocketed (actually, it started in seventh grade, but I was going through a baseball book only phase) and I was just madly on the hunt for the best YA novels.
I discovered many books, in fact. Like Just Listen by Sarah Dessen, Cindy Ella by Robin Palmer,Lucky T by Kate Brian,then all of Sarah Dessen's remaining novels I had yet to of read, and then along came Bloom by Elizabeth Scott. Now Im not gonna RUIN anything for you guys who are reading, but when you read a lineup with the perfect or close-to-perfect kind of books, you expect that nice long streak to keep on going. For some reason though, after reading "Bloom", I was extremley upset. I even lent it to my friend so she could give me her own oppinion on how she felt about the book, and she ended up telling me she really liked it.
Okay, so this is where the immature part comes... I emailed the author, Elizabeth, about how much I didnt like the book and was really upset with how the story played out. She never responded to me, and I really didnt expect it either.
Alright, so last year, I was cleaning up my room when I found "Bloom" and I wasnt reading a book at the moment and decided to read it again. OH MY GOODNESS DID I LOVE IT! Seriously, this book has a twist that you somewhat expect, somewhat dont, which makes it all the more fun to read. I feel incredulous at the fact that I dared say I didnt like it, because words will never explain how good of a book this is.
In "Bloom" Lauren tells her story of being the one with the perfect boyfriend, perfect friendships, and overall a perfect life. But shes not satisfied with it. If anything, her life seems forgettable.
In walks Evan Kirkland, the boy she shared her childhood with, now seeming to be more secrative and silent as he unexpectedly offers rides to Lauren. Suddenly, Lauren realizes this rush she has, a rush she's never experienced.
In this novel written by the amazing Elizabeth Scott- OH YEAH! I forgot to say I emailed her again telling her I reread the book and absoltley loved it, and she told me that she was really happy I gave it a second chance. Well, so am I :) Anyways, in this novel written by Elizabeth Scott, you will witness the true growth of an unsteady relationship. Feelings overcome reality, and soon, reality is dealt to face with. How Lauren handles all these mind consuming things is for you to find out.
I cant reccomend this book enough. Just to get a bit specific, I felt like the twist in this book is a nice change from all the other YA novels Im used too. Perfection once was key from me, however, this book is perfection in its own category. For me, I admired every single flaw, which really makes the book that much more unique and exciting then others. You will be hooked from start to finish- or like me, for eternity. Hmm, that sounded REALLY corny. But I dont know, I find myself rereading "Bloom" ALOT! Haha, I hope you guys check this book out and tell me your thoughts :) Thanks for reading!

Journal Entry: 2

Hmm, so I haven't done an entry journal in a month. I guess I should, although I REALLY need to start on my homework...
Anyways, I guess I can talk about a book Im writing. To be honest, I have NO absolute idea where I'm going with this, actually, I do, but I dont know if Im willing to take such a turn Ive never pictured myself doing. All stories have a twist-they can never be perfect is what I realized. That's why when I was younger I was DETERMINED to create a novel with the perfect story, but I realized, no one would want to read that (well, maybe I would, but thats just me against millions of fans who prefer more depth in a YA novel)Hmm, maybe I can post up a paragraph on here... when I think out my story and when it gets a bit more clearer, Ill do that :)
Okay, on to the subject of school... same as always. Quite boring and tiring, BUT, the last few days Ive actually been reading my world history book, and I found the chapter REALLLLY interesting! It was really just about World War 1 and the controversy of Europe and how the Americans got involved and for some reason it was SO intriguing! Tomorrow, we have a test about that section. Dont wanna sound cocky or anything, but Im feeling pretty confident. Haha, watch me fail since I just said that ;)
Oh! And moving back to the subject of my story, Im really focusing on two best friends. Im gonna be honest, Me+Bestfriend= WRONG. I can not, and I repeat NOT keep a best friend to save my life. I dont even know if my current "best friend" is still my best friend! We hardly talk, mainly because I dont really vent to her the way she does to me, but hey, we're different. Needless to say, i think we both dont balance each other quite well. But that's ok, I never really minded when previous best friends and I faded majorly. Actually, once, in seventh grade, cause her and I were friends since Elementary, but Im just glad we're good friends to this day and our families are still close. But anyhow, the reason why I want to focus my story on two best friends is because I want to create a character as the main characters best friend, just so I can express in words camouflaged in a story of the best friend I never really had. I want that character to be someone where readers go, I wish I had a friend like that- because I certainly have had that happen to me all the time.
Ive always imagined what it feels like to have a best friend where you spend days shopping together and staying up till 2 am talking about random things, sleepovers, all that good stuff. And the thing is- I have experienced that- and I wish the friendship can stay as strong when you first became best friends. But for me, it just doesn't. Simple as that.
Anyways, Ill stop babbling about that. People must think Im weird anyways.
So moving on... Im currently re-reading Catcher in the Rye for my English class. I really like that book. I admire Holden's personality. I feel like he's an authentic teenager, basically, I feel like hes not fake. With his character, what you see is what you get. He doesn't play games. He has a very straight forward, upfront personality, and I really admire that for some reason. Im actually surprised that I liked the book, since Im so into chick-flick novels.
Well, I should go start on some journal entries I have to do for Catcher in the Rye. Hopefully Ill post another journal up soon.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Just Listen by Sarah Dessen

I cant tell you how many times I have read this book. I want to say at least thirty. At the very least. Anyways, this book is about a girl who finds herself in the last postition any person would want to be in. Her sister is fighting an eating disorder (which isnt easy) and her friendship with Sophie has ended bitterly, which seems to have the whole school none the less (she feels) the whole world against her.
Suddenly though, Owen Armstrong walks in her life, approaching her with the concept of honesty and courage. Ive got to say, out of all Sarah Dessen's guy characters, I like Owen the best (but Dexter doesnt run too far behind!) mainly because he's just so different and so well explained. He's honest, allowing us as the reader to get a really clear image of what exactly he stands for. I dont want to say he has a complicated personality, because he truly doesnt, its just that its so... different, i guess is the best word, from all the other Sarah Dessen characters. With Owen, what you see is what you get. Honesty is key for him, and thats what Annabelle soon beguins to realize. It's not that Annabell isnt honest, its just that she likes to hold a lot back, because in her mind, sometimes things are easier to be kept in than let out.
But Owens motivation of always being honest inspires Annabell in a way she never realized.
In this story, you see the true change of a character encouraged by another, and discover the real reasons of what Annabell decided to keep in, rather than let out.
Once again, Sarah Dessen has created another master piece in her style of writing, a book you will not be able to put down. This novel seriously is such a well-thought out book that I cant get enough of. I reccomend it to anyone who ADORE young adult novels. This is a book you dont want to miss.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Unwritten Rule- Get the Word Around!!

I noticed a lot of people took the "Unwritten Rule" from Elizabeth's blog and just pasted it on their own. Obviously, that was an option, but I didnt want to be added to the twenty people + who just did that. That is why I made a youtube video, wrote "The Unwrtten Rule, By Elizabeth Scott, Avaliable on March 16th" in all of my classes (on the white board, with permission) and made had my very amazingly talented friend help out with making my own cover for the Unwritten Rule. I mean, for the whole white board thing, there are so many girls at my school who love reading YA novels, at least fifty of them will be intersted. So here are all the links to Elizabeths blog, contest, homepage, you name it, its there :) And here are the pictures!

Her Website:
The Unwritten Rule:
Her Blog:
The Unwritten Rule Contest:
And last but not least, my youtube video :) :

Please support! :D You'd make my day :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dove Soap Bar

Okay, so I totally am over my "just water" theory. I dont think just water has enough power to totally cleanse all the makeup off my face. And I reallllly did not want to switch back to a face cleanser because I know my skin wont react well to something I havent used in over a month.
That is how I stumbled over the dove soap bar. I heard that people use this to cleanse their faces, and I thought giving it a try wouldnt hurt because dove seems the most natural soap bar out of the rest. And although this isnt a miracle worker, it really cleanses your face and leaves a soft feel. Ive noticed my acne has calmed down a bit too.
I highly reccomend this! And even if you are not sure about it, try out the travel size one for only a dollar, you wont have much to lose.
Hope this helped!
xoxo, Caroline