Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dove Soap Bar

Okay, so I totally am over my "just water" theory. I dont think just water has enough power to totally cleanse all the makeup off my face. And I reallllly did not want to switch back to a face cleanser because I know my skin wont react well to something I havent used in over a month.
That is how I stumbled over the dove soap bar. I heard that people use this to cleanse their faces, and I thought giving it a try wouldnt hurt because dove seems the most natural soap bar out of the rest. And although this isnt a miracle worker, it really cleanses your face and leaves a soft feel. Ive noticed my acne has calmed down a bit too.
I highly reccomend this! And even if you are not sure about it, try out the travel size one for only a dollar, you wont have much to lose.
Hope this helped!
xoxo, Caroline

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