Friday, December 24, 2010

What's it Like to Meet Dexter Morgan? (or Michael C. Hall): MY COMIC-CON STORY

Freakin Amazing. If you are one of the three followers on my blog (I know I know) then you may be aware that I have indeed met THE Michael C. Hall who plays Dexter Morgan in the hit ShowTime series Dexter. Quite amazing and extremely impressive if I dont say so myself. But for any of those who wonder what Michael is like, hes a horribly mean and rude hateful person that I never want to be in the same room with again...
Ohmigosh, if he was really like that I think I'd cry. NO. Michael is seriously one of the most kindest and realest "famous" (I really dont know why I quoted that) people I've ever met- and I've met A LOT. But that could potentially be a whole other blog if interested.
Anyway, my sister and I were invited to the Showtime after party in which took place RIGHT after the first day of Comic-Con (in San Diego). My sister and I were fortunate enough to get tickets to this event, and I think everyone understands how HUGE Comic-Con is. I've been there two times now and I already feel that its going to become a tradition because you just learn to love the atmosphere. My very first impression though, I was overwhelmed with the amount of people there and how many people go all out, but I was underwhelmed with how much was there. I think I was really bugged of how LONG the lines were in order to go into a ballroom or Hall H because of all the good panels! Seriously, it is an INCREDIBLE line. And Im really impatient. But then you just have to think of it as a lesson learned and if you REALLY want to see a panel- GET THERE EARLY. And I mean no-you-cant-go-browsing-around-get-your-ass-directly-to-the-ballroom-ASAP if you are dead serious about wanting to see some people from one of your favorite shows. Especially if you want decent seats. I remember my sister and I were thinking, EHHHH, Im sure no one will be waiting to see Dexter, we'll get there later. WRONG. EVRYONE and I mean like, 4,000 people wanted to see Dexter. We were such noobs. Ahh, well, lesson learned. But after this year, my second time going, I kind of learned to love everything about Comic Con. I think the best part is is that you will NEVER, EVER be considered weird or odd there. No ones judging you, its just pure fun and excitement. Oh. The free things are definitely one of the main reasons that I love it too. You can score some pretty awesome stuff!
Anywho, I totally lost track of where I was going with this.
Oh. Okay. So my sister got to browse around Comic-Con for a good three hours or so, and during that time we were able to meet James Remar who plays Harry at the Showtime booth. Surprisingly the line was NOT extravagant and I only had to wait like, ten minutes top. He was nice and friendly and he kept on smiling (you probably dont believe me) at me when I was in line. Tehe.
CHECK IT OUT. For some reason I look extremely happy and excited. Well, then again- I was.
And so after that amazing moment, my sister and I headed on up stairs to wait in a massive line in which could have been MUCH worst that took two hours long in order to get in to ballroom 20, which had the panels Psych and Dexter coming up. Thankfully we made it in time and I must admit- my absolute favorite panel EVER would have to be the Psych panel. That was my second time seeing them and they are down right HILARIOUS and they have so much fun up there. Dule Hill and James Roday are just amazing together, they never fail to make me laugh. And thats saying a lot because at the time- I never even watched Psych! But Im currently on the second season and Im really really liking the show! Its so funny and clever, I highly highly recommend it. But yes, I love the Psych panel more than Dexter. Which is strange because Dexter is my favorite show of all time yet the panel... they just... I hate to say this but they dont have enough fun up there. While the Psych panel tap dances and have hilarious questions thrown at them and they always have the best answers. Enough said.
But I still enjoy the Dexter Panel, so please dont get me wrong! The very first time I went to Comic Con and was at the Dexter panel I was able to go on the microphone and ask Michael C. Hall a question! In which I cant even remember because I was so dazed and in disbelief that he answered in such a long form. It felt like a dream.
ANYWAY. I got sidetracked AGAIN. But like I was saying- my sister and I stuck around for the Psych panel and part of the Dexter panel because we had to dip ASAP. And we really wanted to redeem our tickets for the free merchandise and so we had to run across the street to the Marriot hotel and get our shirts. It was SO STUPID. Why didnt they just put the merchandise in some room at the Convention Center like last year? So stupid.
Oh. Also, the Psych panel gives out Tshirts which are the most SOFTEST things in the world with cute little phrases. Bonus!
And after that we had to jet to the Anzia Hotel which was about ten blocks away so we took a cab and arrived on the rooftop right on time. But because I didnt have an ID I couldnt get in right away. And because I wasnt 21- they didnt want to let me in at all. But we were able to work out a deal. I could only stay till 8:30 and I had to stay away from the bar. FAIR ENOUGH.
And that, my friends, is where I was able to mingle with Michael C. Hall. On the roof top of some fancy shmancy hotel with all sorts of high end food being served and an open bar.By the way, this party was REALLY VIP. I cant even believe I was there. Super classy party. It was quite amazing. No one was like, fighting to get a picture or anything, he was just mingling and so I took it as my cue to go up to him. I introduced myself, and he was super duper nice. And then I got a picture. And then my sister got one too. And later we went back to get another picture for her because she "blinked" and he was like "YOU BLINKED?! Lets get another one!" Seriously. SO NICE. And my sister also made him these candy roses and she was like "I know you may not want to hold these all night so its okay if you dont want them" (or something like that) and he was so surprised and was like "Thank you so much! Ill put them right here in my pocket. AND HE DID.
And then later, when I had to leave because the people hunted me down -___-, I went over to Michael and asked him to sign my comic con badge (which he did) and then (this is the best part) I asked him if I could have a hug goodbye and he said "Of course. And Ill hug you right back." I can finally die of happiness. Oh. We also met James again, and he gave me a kiss on the cheek and said he remembered us from earlier. Wow. What a night.

Now I need to meet the cast of Psych and Criminal Minds and life will be COMPLETE. I must say though, the highlight of 2010 was meeting Michael C. Hall. Meeting my favorite actor seems too unreal. But it happened. And I will always have my picture to prove it.

Chou! -Caroline

Merry Christmas!!

Its the most wonderful time of the year! Its actually Christmas Ever, but close enough. So today I actually celebrated Christmas! Mainly because my sister is celebrating it with her boyfriends family tomorrow, and you cant celebrate Christmas with one family member missing (at least in my family) and so we just celebrated today :)
Well. I certainly had a great day. As promised, I received my laptop! Its a Toshiba laptop and its quite nice. I really really do love it. I was thinking about naming it after Lucy, but ehhh, we'll see. Ill go back and edit this post later and add pictures :) The only gripe I have is that it doesnt have a webcam :/ Which sucks. A lot. But I can always just buy a webcam. Right? On top of that, I receive a blue tooth headset because I had told my sister the reason Ive been breaking out lately is because I press my Iphone to my face a lot (because I call people) and the bacteria on the screen transfers to my face therefor causing acne. So it was a pleasant surprise when I opened up that present :D And I also got a pair of Vans that are kind of like the classics but not quite. They're blue and gray and I really really do like them :) And last but not least, I received a brand new printer! How exciting, right?! It an HP and its beautiful, although Im kind of concerned of what Im going to do when I run out of ink. Because its really super duper expensive. My sister told me that people just buy whole new printers in order to save money o_o I might do that.
And thats pretty much all! Im very thankful for everything Ive received and Im really really happy. I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas & New Year! For those who don't celebrate Christmas, Happy Holidays!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Thank Goodness for Thanksgiving.

So its that time of year again. I cant believe Ive been on here for almost a year now. Amazing how time flies, huh?
Well, to start off, today is Friday and I couldnt be happier. Because it is the week of thanksgiving, I get this whole entire upcoming week off from school. This break has been long desired, and very well deserved. I work so hard in school, and when I say that I really do mean it. Ill even admit- last year, I didnt really give it my all. Classes were ehhh, I didnt really care for it. But since this is my most important year of high school, I'm making sure Im getting my act together. I do all of my homework, actually go to tutoring, write articles for the news paper while still writing papers for my journalism class, study my SAT book (which I need to REALLY focus on since Ive been slacking :/), study really hard for my history tests, and on top of that I am in a club & I still on occasion manage to take an afternoon nap. My goodness what a busy schedule I have. Maybe its not hectic, but this is everything it takes for me to get that 4.1 I personally believe I deserve. I sound really cocky and selfish, I know, but when I work really hard I wont deny it.
So today was pretty horrible. Everything kind of just pissed me off. I dont know why. I think it kinda started when I say T & E together for the first time (YES- Im still not over it. I know I know, Im pretty pathetic.) and they were holding hands and then they hugged. That image immediately made a good day bad. GAHH Im so dramatic. Maybe not that bad, but it definitely was... uncomfortable for me to witness. And I noticed- since T is from China and only came here last year, shes still really fob and does not know much English. Well, E is half Chinese and half white and it turns out that he speaks Mandarin too o_o So today, on top of the hugging scenario, I realized that this how they communicate.
E: Speaks English.
T: Responds in Chinese.
Really? Like, seriously, are you kidding me? What a strange world this has become. Oh well, who am I to say anything? Some people may find this cute. I certainly do not, but then again I don't think anyone would if they were in my position. Sighh. Gahh, Im just joking (not really) Im just being really bitter because... well Im in a very bitter mood.
On a slightly better note- there's this one guy that Ive had a really big crush on but never seemed practical. Lets call him C. Well, in all honesty, Ive never talked to C. I just have always thought he was super duper cute. And today, when I was walking to sixth period, I was texting (and nearly ran into the wall, how embarrassing) when all of a sudden I heard my name being called, and I turn around and its C O_O What killed it was that his girlfriend was right next to him -___- But he knew my name :OOO Well, we both know of each other, but its still shocking cause he never ever has spoken to me. But don't get too excited. All he said was "Your backpack is open." -___- Of course I say thank you and he says no problem, but I mean, I was two steps away from my class room. Within the next thirty seconds I would have figured that out. But that's okay. First interaction between C and I. Over a backpack. Lucky me.
What else? Hmmm, I think I did decent on my physics test. Everybody else is convinced that they failed since Mrs. H does not (literally, shes a horrific teacher) know how to teach. Im actually not going to lie, I probably failed with the rest of the majority. But I still have hope.
Which reminds me. I was talking to dear Megan about my ETC affair and we were communicating through writing on the table with my eraser (dont ask) and when there was no more room she got a tiny scrap of paper and wrote "Theres always hope" which I dont know why, it made me feel really good. So I taped that little strip to my calculator :) To always give me hope. Especially during crucial times when I need it (like a physics test!)
So that basically concludes how my day went. I hope yours went better. Ill definitely update during the break if anything exciting comes up. I hope you all have a good weekend!


Sunday, November 14, 2010

An Eventful Week. Makeup, Weekend, Friends, and School.

Wow. So this week was definitely busy for some odd reason. Usually, I enjoy doing nothing with my time- when its intentional of course, but I was just all over the place this week. So lets start with Monday. Wasnt anything special, but I had a club meeting after school. I'm in a club called Mock Trial, where you gather a group of people and we have two real lawyers who work with us and we are given a case and then in February we get to battle this case in a courthouse downtown against a different school. Sounds really cool, right? Well, that's why I joined. And let me tell you- I don't like joining clubs AT ALL. The commitment is just to much to bear for me (i have commitment issues) which is strange because this club requires a definite commitment, and I was willing to do it. Haha, if it wasn't because of Law and Order then I don't think I'd be in this club, lol. But I kind of also wanted to challenge myself and see what other things I can do outside of my comfort zone, so I thought that this would be a good opportunity. I play the witness is my case, so its not THAT exciting but I'm satisfied. I also have only one friend in that club, so I guess that's a good thing because I get to branch out to different people. BUT, haha, the president of the club, is kinda cute. He's half white and half Chinese, and he was friends with my sister. And hes really nice to me too. He's a senior, if you're wondering, and I personally would like to get to know him better. BUUT. He JUST got in a relationship -___- So Ill give this whole thing two weeks. If it lasts, then Ill step down. If it doesnt. Ill make my move. Bhahahahaha I feel so evil yet good at the same time. Haha, my friend Megan has given me all the reason as to why their relationship wont last. We call this the ETC affair. Ohhhh man. But yes, so thats what's been happening with mock trial :)
 NEXT. Well, on Friday I went to my friends house, Kayla, the girl I met through Montana (whom I am no longer friends with). It was her brothers last football game and so we, along with her family, went to her schools football game. Let me just say. IVE NEVER BEEN THAT COLD IN MY DEAR LIFE. Seriously. I couldn't even feel my toes. Or hands. Or face. Or body. IT WAS THAT COLD. My goodness. I was watching that stupid clock for the next four hours waiting for all damn four quarters to end. For any east coasters, they probably think Im pathetic. I was nearly dying at 47 degrees. But let me tell you, in my city, 64 degrees is considered horrific weather. And the snuggy they brought didnt do crap. But Marrissa and Blake were there so that made things better. Heres a picture of all of us :)

 And I also got to meet Kaylas brothers. One of them is in my grade. And he was kind of cute. And pretty nice to me. But nothing happened so I just move forward. I got my ETC affair to worry about anyway. So anywho. After the game, we went back to her house, BLASTED the heater, and ate In N Out. It was yummy. And then we headed off to bed because we were so so SOOO tired. But then in the middle of the night I apparently rolled off the bed (which I actually remember doing) because it was so gosh darn hot because her parents forgot to turn off the heater and I was just overly hot so I went to the bathroom and washed my hands with cold water and then I went back to bed. Which is strange, because thats exactly what I did a few years ago at an old friends house when her mom forgot to turn off the heater. And then the next day we had breakfast, went to the mall to go find Kayla shirt for her senior pictures, and then we went back to her place and I did her hair and makeup. She looked really really pretty :)
And then her parents dropped me off at home, and I immediately went straight to the computer to check my updates, and then I quickly hopped in the shower and began to get ready for the Batmitzva I was attending that night. Because I only had like, two hours! So here is the final look I came up with.

So because I love makeup and I never really get a chance to blog about it, Ill do a run down of everything Im wearing. So its like a face of the day type thing :)
On face:
Laura Mercier Primer
Max Factor Color Genious Foundation in Ivory
Mac Mineralized Skin Finish Natural in Medium Plus
Bourjous Blush in Rose Frisson
NYC Bronzer
On Eyes:
Mac Paint Pot in Painterly
Mac Evening Auora all over lid
Tarina Tarantino Bangle in Crease
Maybelline Eye Studio Quad in Give Me Gold; darkest brown shade on the outter corner and highlight color on the brow bones and tops of cheeks.
Loreal Paint in Blake as liner on lashline
Lancome Color Design in Black on waterline
Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara
Extra curled lashes thanks to Bobby Brown Lash Curler and Elf Lash Curler :)
For Hair:
Super straight hair with pearl lace from Michaels as a head band.
Done! :D
Pretty simple, for the most part. I feel like neutral was more appropiate then a smokey eye. Actually, smokey eyes dont look good on me for some reason. I think smokey neutral eyes are the best way to go when it comes to my eyes and skin tone. I really like how I looked though, so maybe this can be my go-to looks for special occasions. My ourfit was simple as well.
Top: From Hollister
Cardigan: From Hollister
Skirt: Nordstorm
Belt: Steve Madden
Shoes: Target.
Earrings: Betsey Johnson.
I actually really like this outfit too! Its quite cute I must admit :)
Also, I was allowed to bring Blake to this party with me. Blake is my ultimate Go-To guy when it comes to entertainment. I just HAVE to bring him along. He always knows how to associate with people but most importantly make people laugh. So my sisters and I LOVED having him around during the night!

So we first headed on over to Jeromes. Yes, the furniture store. My sister and bro in law wanted to check out their furniture and it was also their like, 20th anniversary or something. So there were refreshments! And Blake and I were STARVING. So we just stayed at the table with crackers and cheese and trail mix and punch and just ate. Haha, and then we went upstairs and took some pictures. Like this one.

So we head on over to the hotel, and then we get to the room where the party was held. They had two rooms, one with poker tables (It was Vegas themed!), a dance floor, and photo booths (GAHHH the photo booth was like, my favorite place in the world!) and then another room with lots and lots of food and desert! And there was also a bartender making Mock Tails! It was pretty awesome :) And so Blake and I hit up the food first, got our mock tails, and chowed down. And then we went to the photo booth and took a million pictures, and then we headed over to the poker table where the dealer was pretty damn cute and it seemed as if he was flirting with me. Tehe :) But I didnt get the number -___- Hahaha, he was probably twenty one anyways. Ohhh well.
So heres some more photos of our night! Blake and I with our mock tails :)

And then I HAD to take a picture with the birthday girl. My sweet dear ZoZo :)

And then heres Blake and I at the poker table. I wish Dealer Boy coulda been in it, but its cool. Memories shall last me forever.

And now it is Sunday. I just finished my News Article on the new counselors at my school. This article I just wrote is going to be going in the newspaper so Im very excited and I made sure that this news article was RIGHT on. We'll see if it is on Monday. Im actually kind of scared of my journalism teacher because shes really hard on the students and it needs to be good or you'll immediately get criticized. And I don't handle criticism well. At all. Ill break down and cry. So Im hoping that I did a good job. And tomorrow I have my mock trial meeting after school. We will see how that goes ;) Ill update you guys soon!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

"And then they Came for Me"

WOW. I first want to say that I am so honored to be apart of this production. Sure, I have the tiniest role in this play (*cough* the boys makeup artist *uncough*) but just knowing I did a little something to the people on stage makes me feel so overwhelmed.
On Tuesday afternoon, after eating lunch, I had to go over to the drama room and then go over too the dressing room to help the boys get ready for their dress rehearsal. Of course, boys will be boys as they were disgusted with the makeup they had to put on. And of course it was thick theater makeup (Ben Nye to be exact, GREAT coverage concealers!!) but for the most part, after some complaining and consistent questions of "why do I have to do this?!" and comments like "I feel like a robot", I had made three guys into flawless faces :) With a little bit of a flush and porcelain skin, they looked good. I also helped them out with hair, which one of them cringed due to the amount of gel and hairspray I had to use. And then I started to feel kind of bad because the guys were complaining of how weird they felt and looked, and so I apologized and then they were like "Why are you sorry?' -____- Well, gee, I dont know. Because you guys are unsatisfied with the way you look? Go figure. But they were like "You did a great job. I just hate this." Sighhh. They act like this was some huge sacrifice, makeup and gel. Boys will be boys, right? And then I went on over to the girls who seemed to have had their makeup situation under control. Since today was kind of like a "Go-Over" for tomorrows opening night, people who paid five dollars could get in and watch the show after school. I, of course, could get in for free (heh) which is one of the perks of being apart of this production. Anywho, when I was done with everything and had all my stuff pulled together, I was planning on going home. But then Mrs.B said, "Don't you want to stay around for the show to see how their makeup looks on stage and under all those lights? So then you can fix any mistakes tomorrow?"
So of course. I stayed. And I sat third row right in the center, with my English teacher behind me and my two friends Reeanna and Taylor beside me.
The play was very powerful. The set was AMAZING as well as all the actors. The play basically revolves around those who knew Anne Frank and Anne Frank herself. At certain moments of the play, the screen in the background comes to life and you see the actual Holocaust survivors sharing their story of what happened to them before, during, and after this tragic event. They also share their memories of how wonderful and beautiful Anne was, who died only six weeks before the war was over. The only thing left from Anne was her diary, which has made headlines all around the world.
As I said before, the actors were incredible. I could feel and sense the passion they put in, and I actually caught myself tearing up at a few parts. My good friend Megan never fails to impress me, esp. during this play. I cant wait to tell her how well she did in person.
So, today is Tuesday, and for the next three days I will have to arrive at the play at 5 pm, get started on their makeup, and then the show will be over at 8 in which I will stick around for. I mean might as well, right? So my plan is to go home after school, chill at home, eat, do homework, then at four thirty Ill head back to the school and then afterward I take it from there. I won’t post this blog just yet, I will do so on Friday so I can include any more stories (if I have any) and post pictures if I have the plays consent to do so. I’m so honored and proud to be a part of this production though, and I can't wait to experience it all over again!
*UPDATE* So today is Thursday, and I have now seen the play four whopping times. I won’t post this until Friday, but my goodness am I speechless of how amazing this play is! And I've been getting to know the cast a little bit better, so I’m quite happy with that! Wednesday was opening night, so I had to come back to my school at five fifteen in the afternoon, help out my friend Megan with her hair (French braids, if you are wondering) and then I had to rush over to the guys whom I didn’t even know were in their dressing room, but thankfully one of the guys girlfriends helped out with makeup, and so I was able to focus on Joe. Basically, for good old Joe, who plays a Nazi Youth as well as Eva's Pappy, I did a pale face with dark eyes. The guy is already pale, but I just used congealer all over his face & neck to hide any imperfections, and then I contoured his cheeks with a deep brown eye shadow to give him that kind of hallow look, along with contouring his eyes in the crease for more depth. Then I added a bit of flush just so that he wouldn't look TOO washed out, and I put some of my favorite lipstick (Neutrogena Moisture Shine in Plum Paradise) on his lips for a small flush on the lips. Nothing major at all. But it was kind of funny cause I was wearing the same lipstick at the time and we matched. Bahaha. And then I had to do a comb over for his hair and had to use some gel and hairspray to put everything in place. And woolahhh, Joe was transformed into a more sophisticated looking person. I guess. Haha, and then last minute I had to rush and do Megans makeup. Simple Eyeliner and Mascara, a little bit of Blush, and BAM she was good to go :) I know I didnt do much, but in all honesty, it was the 1940's, no one went heavy on their makeup at the time. We were aiming for just natural. But the lights wash them out if they werent to be wearing makeup so I guess that's one of the main reasons why they had to do it. So anywho, it was opening night and I decided to stay and watch the show. Two lovely ladies that no longer go to my school attended the play so we all sat next to each other, and watched as the set came to life and the cast did their job beautifully. Opening night was incredible. Afterwards, they all went out to the hallway to greet their families and friends and anyone else in the audience, and my ride had came so I hurridly hugged each member, told them how amazing they did, and bolted. Haha, it was a great night.
Today, being Thursday, did not go AS smoothly as opening night but it still went well. You see, today was Matinee, where there were 2 plays in one day. So the early one, starting at 10:00 am, was for the kids at the middle school up the street along with students from my school who wanted to see the play. I got to skip out on all my classes to focus on the makeup and hair for the cast, so that was awfully nice. So Megan and I leave at 8:00 from our history class together, and she has a tiny little crush on one of the guys in the play. I wont name names of course, but last night she texted me the little details that us girls always noticed, and apparently he hugged her after the play a bit longer and tighter than usual. SOO, me being a visual learner, I asked her to demonstrate. Right in the hallway. So she put down her bags, as did I, and she stepped forward and was demonstrating how exactly the hug happened when all of a sudden I look to my side and there’s Itzel, one of the cast members who plays Anne Frank, and she's looking at us all wide eyed, and immediately Megan and I break apart and Itzel was like "Ill pretend like I never saw that." It was the funniest thing in the world, and of course she was joking. So today, I did all of the guys makeup & hair. And I felt more comfortable with them today, probably because we've been working together for the past two days, so it was all loosey goosey and I definitely feel more at ease. It made me kind of happy because Joe was talking about how the guys never knew how to do their makeup and when I came they were all relieved. Haha, and so he told me on Tuesday that Mrs. B said "I hope you guys know that you guys should be paying attention when she's doing your makeup."
Guys: "Why?"
Mrs.B "Because she wont want to come for the next four days and do this all over again."
And so when they told me that, I was like "Of course not! Ill be coming to every single show to help you guys out, I cant leave you all hanging like that."
And so today when he reflected back on that covo, he was like, "I was so relieved when you said that." And then all the guys were telling me how I was awesome I was and how they really appreciate me etc. so that made me feel really good :D Haha, when it comes to any contribution I do, I'm that person that’s all for compliments :) So for the first show, I go into the the girls dressing rooms and give the girls all hugs and kisses, wishing them good luck due to the fact that this is going to be their largest audience. And then I step outside and I get the bejeezes scared out of me because Joe is right next to the door in the dark with his Nazi uniform on o_o And then the other two, Steven and Vince, were in front of him and I honestly couldn’t tell who was who. But I gave all of them a quick hug, wished them luck, and took my seat in the second row with Jacob and Stephanie.
So it really bugs me that high school students have no respect and laugh at parts that dont require laughing. And make unnecessary noises or cheers when its not needed. So of course, with a high school audience, they did just that but I have to acknowledge that- its highschool. Enough said. But the show wasnt as strong as opening night, but it still had an impact on me and I teared up a tinyyyy bit. After the show, it was so cute because all the little six graders went up to the cast members and began asking for autographs. It was the absolute cutest thing in the world, and of course I wanted to say, "Hey you want mine? I was the makeup artist!" but I didnt due to fear of being creepy & rejected. Haha, Joe said that one girl came up to him all scared with her paper and pen stretched out in front of her, and one of her friends had said "She's scared of you!" BAHAHAHAHA. I was dying laughing. But anywho, I stuck around for the little lunch break we had, then I did touch ups on hair and makeup, and then I watched the show again. I dont know why, but I began to cry again and had to bust out the tissue. Sighh. And then after the show I greeted the cast once again with hugs and praises. For some reason, the ending made me cry so I was still crying by the time I was out there with them and they were all staring at me wide eyed and shocked and asked what was wrong with me. Haha, it was kind of funny but more embarrassing at the same time. But tomorrow, I know the water works are going to come storming in mainly because its closing night on Friday, and Im really going to miss this whole experience. Im probably exaggerating it to you, mainly because I have such a minor role, but Ive never done anything like this and it makes me really really happy to know I did something to help complete this show. Not everyone can say "Oh, I did their makeup" or "I helped with the outfits." etc. I dont know, maybe Im weird.
Oh! I also got the cast members jumbo size cookie's & cream bars (Hershey kind) and I've typed them all a little note of how wonderful each and every single one of them are. I know, I know, Im so kind.
Haha, but Ill come back on Friday and post what I know will be a looooonnnnnggg blog! Ill also attach some photos :) Till Friday then!
MY GOODNESS. I really don't know where to start. First, I’ll just say, that I am amazed, proud, honored, overwhelmed, joyous, sad, and all together so appreciative of the experience I got out of this.
Today started off as any other regular Friday, the anticipation being so heavy on me because I knew tonight was going to blow me away. So 1st period, I tried to rack up some courage with Megan, second period I was excused from a quiz, third period was... well, slightly productive, fourth period is journalism and the paper came out today so I had to pass out papers to classrooms, fifth period was boring, and sixth period is just always terrible. BUT, as soon as I got home, I showered, did the hair, makeup, got dressed, and ate, I was out the door at five, arriving at my school 5:15. The girls were already there, who had tepee the boys dressing room, and we all just chilled together belching out to Natasha Benningfield and Colbie Calliet. It was pretty great :) I was also able to snag a picture with my beautiful friend Megan, whom I adore with all my heart.

And then finally there was an arrival of one of the boys, Vince, so I got working on his hair whom needs EXTRA attention, and then I worked on his makeup. Then came Joe, whom I started working on right after cause we were on a bit of a time crunch. So I did his hair and makeup, and then finally came the last musketeer, Steven. He's the easiest to work on, because his hair needs no doing and makeup is a piece of cake for him.
Finally, I hand them their little gifts and they seemed really appreciative about it which made me really really happy. I guess the number one thing I look forward to is appreciation, and that they were. They all read my little note and said it would have been cuter if I were to hand write it o_o Haha, my handwriting is not cool, that didnt seem like the best option. So then I go to the other side into the girls dressing room and I hand them their little gifts & cards, and them, being girls, were so shocked and EXTREMELY appreciative about it, hugging me & thanking me numerous times. It was extremely sweet and Im glad that they liked it. Megan though, was flabbergasted (which I dont really know why!) and she immediately made me follow her out to the hallway, into the green room, up the stage and over, and finally she presented me with a card. She held it out in front of her and I saw tears swelling up, as she told me that this week has been such a great week with me working with them and she couldn't have been more thankful. And then she said some more things but I wasnt full on listening because I was crying and so was she. And then I hugged her, thanked her, and went to the other side of the room where everyone else greeted me with hugs and telling me how nice I am & how great its been having me. And I completely understand if you think I'm typing false information to make me sound better. But its the truth, and Im taking what I can get, because I know my effort has paid off and I couldn't be happier that I was able to satisfy everyone I worked with. And then I tell Joe that Ive noticed that he gets a little shiny in the lights, so I gave him so blotting sheets (neutrogena, to be exact) and he stares at me wide eyed and goes "YOU ARE SERIOUSLY TOO NICE." Tehe :D But anywho, I wished them all good luck, and after some last minute hugs, I go to the hallway, mingle with the drama helpers, and then I make my way to the second row with my friend Bridget and her friends. My English teacher was behind me with his adorable daughter and my physics teacher who's weird and annoying at times was in front of me -___- But then the show began, and I was just so proud and impressed. Not a single mess up and each and every single one of them came out so strong that I was just so blown away by their performance. They honestly couldn't have ended it any better. I was just speechless. And heres where the funny/sad/overwhleming/emotional/beautiful part comes.
So since it was closing night, all the cast members came back out on stage, and Megan, with her beautiful projective voice, thanked the audience and then she thanked Mrs.B, our schools drama teacher, for helping them with such a great show. And then she thanked Emily, for being the directing assistant and putting together such a phenomenal play. And then she thanks Chiara, for helping out with the technical stuff, and at this point, I'm BAWLING. Mainly because the play is over, and I was just so proud of how well they all did. And then I hear Megan say, "And I would like to thank Caroline, our wonderful makeup artist who's help us so much this past week." And then I start crying even harder, if that's possible, and then she HASSS to say "Stand up, please, Caroline!" And so I stand up, and the audience applauds me, and I look like a hot mess, and so I smile embarrassingly, and I seriously like, run to the end of the row and sit down in one of the seats and starts crying even harder. WHY AM I SO EMOTIONAL?! Anyhow, she finishes off thanking everyone else, and then I go to the hallway and all the cast members are coming out. I first remember going up to Itzel who was crying and then we both started crying together, and then I see Megan and hug her with all my might and she starts tearing up and I start crying all over again. BUT THEN, Marketa, comes and hugs me, and shes already crying as it is, and we hug for the longest time just crying and hugging, so happy for an amazing performance, yet so sad that this is all over. And then I went up to good ole' Joe and I give him a hug. He told me that when he saw me walking towards the end of the row, they all thought I was going to go on stage and they would give me a great big hug (which probably would have made me cry even more) but then they realized that I sat down and it was kinda funny. BAHAHAH. This part is really funny. My friend Roxanna, funny funny girl, and I were talking about how she thought Joe was so hot and she adored all his lines (LOL) and it was just so funny, so after the show, I saw her come up to him and she held out her arm for him to sign, and then she goes "Put your number there too!" And so he puts a # sign, and then a 1. I was DYING. And I had to take a picture with her with it cause it was just adorable and so so so funny. So excuse the fact that I look as if I just got woke up, got punched, got punched AGAIN, and then rolled over in dirt and tousled down a hill. And then I had a hangover and decided to take a picture because I thought it would be creepy and funny and cute. Which I do not. But thats how it looks and seems.
So I apologize once again.

And then I went ahead and took a picture with Joe and Steve, pretty much two awesome guys that I was so happy to work with. Vince too, but he didnt make the picture ):

But he made this one! This is Megan, Vince, Joe, Steven, and I on Wednesdays play in the dressing room. I look horrendous, but they look good!

I got a picture with Joe BEFORE the tears, so I approve of this picture although I still dont look all that well.

And then I HAD to take a picture with Emily, the mastermind behind it all, and I absolutely adore her with all of my heart. I also met her boyfriend (and hes asian!) and ohmigosh cutest couple alive award should go to them!

And then I took a picture with Itzel, who I ADOREEEE as well. We never really were "friends", acquainted, indeed, but not a full friendship. Because of this production, we developed one, and I couldn't be happier. Shes so beautiful inside and out, and I finally understand why everyone loves her so much. We actually mentioned this right before this picture, and I said "Seriously, Itzel, will you dump Jake and be with me? You're pretty much everything I could want in a human being." And she thought long and hard and goes, "Are you crazy? OF COURSE I WILL! Jake cant do makeup as well as you! " I LOVE THIS GIRL. Im so thankful for the friendship I got out of this. And then there's Nia, one of the drama helpers, and I love her too! Shes pretty much the one who encourages my crying and adores my emotional side. Gotta love that <33

And then of course I had to take one with Megan and I! She looks stunning, I look like crap -___- Haha, I love her so much. She's done a goshawful lot, and helped me land this roles as their makeup artist, and I couldnt be happier. She's amazing and Im so happy to consider her one of my closest friends. Shes probably the sweetest person you will ever meet, and I cant say enough good things about her. I simply just love her with all my heart.

And then I took two photos with Joe and Megan, although they're kinda blurry :/ NOT COOL. But I still love these pictures <33

And so all these pictures conclude my night. Im so proud of everyone and so happy to have been apart of something so moving and heart touching. I made some great friendships and Im so sad that this is all over, but I know its not the last that Ill be seeing of them. I adore each and every single one of them and I'm so thankful for the experience.

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Wow. Im not even sure where to start! Well, Ill start from where I left off. Sooo, after you read how I was mourning the loss of Lucy, aka my laptop, turns out that instead of getting a sweet 16 for my birthday, Im getting a laptop! Which Im completely happy with!! :DDD Im so excited, I should be getting it by the end of this month. So I wont get in depth with this AT ALL but that friend I use to talk about all the time on here, yeahhh, well we're not really friends after a... conflict between us. I guess she thought Id be forgiving. But Im not. Which is kind of weird, because even Ill admit that Im a super nice person but if you screw something up thats important to me, then its over. I hold grudges and Im not ashamed of it. Although I will admit I was looking at our past conversations and its just really sad to think our friendship took a turn for the worst. If youre wondering "will you ever talk to her again?" the answer is: I dont know. Im not concerned about that right now but if I give it time, like maybe a years worth, then we'll see where it goes. We did leave on a civil note so that was good. Four years ago I was good friends with this guy and then he did something stupid to me and I didnt talk to him until two weeks ago. Mainly because we were put in the same study group in history, but that's still a 4 whopping years. Its funny though because now we're super nice to each other, but Im telling you, I don't mess around. I take it for what it is and walk away. Anyway, I became even better friends with one of her good friends named Blake. Hes the most cutest blonde guy you'll ever come across with a personality that captures you the moment you shake hands- literally. I actually met him 3 years ago at her birthday party and we exchanged numbers and ended up hanging out a few times. We kinda faded and talked on and off for the next two years but then when we saw each other over the summer of 010, we started texting and ever since the conflict between her & I he's been there for me and we hang out even more. Theres too many things to name about Blake but one thing I live for about him is his stories. MY GOODNESS. Just one story and you will seriously be on the ground DYING. Heres a picture of Blake and I during September when we just started getting closer!

And then I invited him to a charity event the following week that my friends mom hosts every year and she needs waiters so Him, I, and two of my good friends Reeanna and Eanna came out to help.
During the whole conflict between that friend and I, Reeanna & Eanna were the two friends who were there for me, listened to my venting, and gave me advice when I needed it most. Words will never ever describe how thankful I am for these girls <3 Ive known Reeanna since the sixth grade from our English class (aweee) and Eanna since freshman year when we sat next to each other in geometry. And then we all ended up playing golf together in 2009 and it was one of the greatest experiences that I could ask for. Not the golf part (it was a good experience but not the absolute greatest thing) but just being able to be with them and let our friendship become even closer. Reeanna and Eanna are extremely sarcastic w/ each other and its beyond entertaining to watch. Hahaha, Im the middle ground of the two but we all get along like the 3 musketeers! Im going to be so depressed when Eanna moves for college :/ Heres a picture of the three of us! I adore these lovely ladies <3

And then here is a picture of Blake and I and Brianna at the event, he thought he was overdressed when really I was just underdressed. I always dress up to this even but for some reason this year I was like, ehhhh, Ill just rock the black skinny jeans, V neck, and vans ;) Excuse the sweatyness, after we serve all the food and all the announcements are done we're allowed to go dance on the dance floor :D But for the most part Blake was seriously KILLING me and Brianna the whole entire times with his hilarious stories. And while we were dancing he pulled me aside and excitedly said "OHMYGOD. I just had the greatest idea ever. Im going to go to your homecoming!!" So he basically invited himself- but I probably would have asked him anyway. And the idea seemed beyond amazing. I would love to see him get down at my schools homecoming! (We go to different schools, just an FYI)

So the following week, one of the friends I met for the second time of the girl I dont talk to anymore was at the party and her and I just clicked. Her name is Kayla and she stayed with me practically the whole entire night and comforted me because I felt like shit the whole night. Shes a super sweet girl and also naturally gorgeous. Well, I told her that for her senior pictures that I will do her makeup for her because Im a pro at makeup and makeup consumes my mind about 99 % of the time ;)
But she was so excited for the idea and we set up a date. But then the week after the benefit dinner, she texted me and asked if I wanted to come with her and her parents to a hotel (within my area) and do her moms makeup because there was a party hosted at the hotel and it was fancy schmancy so of course I said yes! But it was kind of weird because it was only the third time we met- yet we were having a sleepover. Strange, but it felt like I knew her forever. So I was comfortable. And her parents seemed to like me a lot as I adored them. Haha, her dad was like "You really need to meet my son Tony." ;DD Bahahaha, and her mom ended up LOVING her makeup which made me of course very very happy. So Kayla and I ended up going to the mall across the street (AND SHE DROVE THE HUMMER, MIND YOU SHES LIKE 100 POUNDS!!) and got dinner, went back to the hotel, went to the jacuzzi, went back to the room, talked and played with makeup, and then afterwards we crashed her dads companies party x) It was such a fun night!

And then the next day I ended up going to the mall with Blake so we could go shopping for his senior portrait shirt and needless to say... he went a little out of control with his wallet. I did too, I wont deny it, but I did waay less damage then he did. But we couldnt help it! Haha, its a lot of fun shopping with Blake.

Oh! And as for my school life- I got a 4.1 on my last progress report which Im SOOOOO proud of myself for. Ive also been hanging out with a sweet sweet girl named Bahar at lunch in our journalism room and her and I just get along so easily! At first, I never really associated myself with her cause she seemed quiet and shy, but when the girl who sat next to her was out for a week due to illness, we began talking, then going on our campus adventures (with journalism, if you have the sticker your free to pull people out of class for an interview or just roam the school to get what you need done) and then it just kind of built on from there. Shes extremely funny and I love how calm and collected she is. Soo Im really glad that Ive come across such an amazingly good friend <33 I also got the role of the makeup artist for my school play which is happening this week so Im super excited! I get to miss class and I actually feel like Im semi apart of such an awesome production! And my good friend Megan is one of the main actresses for this play (its called "And then they Came for Me" The life of Anne Frank) so Im so stoked to be able to work with her. My sisters are really proud of me and how well Ive been doing this school year. But Im telling you now that I had to work really hard to get where I am. I actually had a C in honors US History, but I was 1% away from a B and had to compromise with my history teacher and doing anything thing I could to get my grade to that 80.9 I have right now. And I did it. Within one day. May not impress you but I was so happy when I accomplished in doing so.
So now fast forwarding to homecoming. I got ready at around four, Reeanna came over to get her makeup done, and then I had thirty minutes before Blake came so I was scrambling all over the place. ON TOP OF THAT, my group of friends (aka the asian group) bailed last minute of our plan of meeting up for a quick dinner so I was beyond pissed. And when Blake came, I had rushed out of the house with no necklace, and only one earring in and I forgot to fill in my brows -____- So we ended up going to dinner by ourselves and we went to a Pho place we discovered by fate in a little plaza and it was the most randomest thing in the world but it was also very good and a satisfied meal. I need Blake to come eat some of my mothers homemade pho though! Haha, and then afterward we went to starbucks to get his quick fix of coffee because he had to be extra alert at the dance and then we went to Rite Aid so I could buy (you guessed it) an eyebrow pencil and some cheap necklace LOL. And then we headed down to my school, got into the dance, and the DJ was LAME. Goodness, who plays a song three times????? It was horrible. But Blake and I tried to make the most of it and danced. And then we saw Bahar and her group of friends and we ended up taking our professional homecoming picture with them cause the asians were procrastinating. The photographer told Blake, "Woahh you are one lucky guy!" LOL. With four girls and 1 guy- go figure ;)
And then theres this one guy that I think is reeeeeaaaaaalllllly cute so I took a picture with him which I wont post because I don't want to... well I do, but I know that I shouldnt. Anywho, I told him, "You and I are going to dance later." And he was like "Oh of course!" And so two hours into the dance I know my time is running out. And Blake tried getting me to dance with him like four times but I kept making excuses and backing out. Finally, Blake had enough and was verbally forcing me to go ask him to dance after we spent 5 minutes searching for him on the dance floor (im not a stalker I swear!) and he was talking with one of his friends so at least he wasnt dancing with some girl cause that would just be rude if I just cut in. So after quick words of motivation from Blake and him walking away and leaving me to fend for myself, I walk up to him and said, "you and I, lets go." and he smiled (gahhh he has a killer smile) and I took him hand and led him to some spot on the dance floor. Let me tell you, he may be one year younger than me but he could really dance. And ahhhh it was just like, cloud nine for me. Haha, his hands were at my waist and then all of a sudden he let go and I lost my rhythem for a moment and thought "what the hell did I do D:" but then he placed his hands back on my waist and was like "sorry about that, my teacher said she'll pull anyone dancing too "inappropriately" (heh) into the time out room. YES we have a time out room for anyone who gets down a little *too* much. So we danced for about two songs and then my legs were giving out so I that ended one of the highlight of my nights. Sighhhh. Ahhh Im so happy Blake pushed me to dance w/ him, or else Id be having a lot of regrets. But anywho, Blake and i hit the dance floor again and then after homecoming we went to Dennys with Stephanie, Jacob, Nick, Jenny, Blake, and I. So no one was really talking so I say, "Blake, tell them some stories." and I kid you not, for the next hour in a half Blake is making every single of us DIEEE laughing at every single story he told. Just his expression and tone and how lively he makes his stories are soo hysterical. It got so funny that Nick was crying , blood shot eyes and everything. And then he did his gerber baby face thats freaking legendary and everyone just could not. stop. laughing. That was definitely the highlight of my night. One of my friends posted a pic of all of us and her caption was "Ive never laughed that hard in my lifee" and apparently when they were on their way home they were still laughing x) Blake is such an entertainer. Goodness I adore him so much! Here are some pictures from homecoming! Theres not much, just because I didnt really take many pics ): So I apologize!

Bahar and I :) I <33 her!

Nick and I <33

And of course, my guest of honor, Blake and I :)

Hope you found this update entertaining! Thanks for reading if you did!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Gahh Im Terrible.

But I have an exscuse. My laptop, aka Lucy, broke. And if I were to explain how that happened Id be flooded in tears so lets not start on that. But yeaah, its been really hard to get on the internet without my own computer, and Im not getting a new one till senior year (Im a junior) so I honestly dont know what Im going to be doing. Right now, Im on my fathers computer due to convienent fact he is not home D: But I thought this was a good oppertunity to start writing and updating! So yes, I am terrible for not updating you all sooner, to the two people who are following me. Summer is almost over and I might as well cry. Is it weird that it bugs me when I see my FB newsfeed filled with people saying their excited for school to start because theyre sooo over Summer? Really? Is your summer THAT lame for you wanting to go back to school. I mean, my summer is no where near exciting but I certainly choose my summer over a who new school year. Sighhh. Oh well, two more years to go and Im free from highschool. I honestly think the number one thing Im looking forward to school is getting it over with. Yeaah, Im not a really big school gal. But going on to the topic of how my summer was, it was overall good! I mean, I think the number one bad thing about my summer is my laptop breaking. I cried for one week straight. I get really sad from time to time, but I just know that sometimes I gotta move on and suck it up. It just gets hard. But beside that, I went to the very famous Comic Con this summer and ontop of that went to the very VIP Showtime party on the roof top of a fancy shmancy hotel and MINGLED WITH MICHAEL C HALL AKA DEXTER!!! I think I can die happily now. It was such an awesome experience meeting him, it really was. Hes so kind and down to earth you wouldnt believe! When I asked for a hug goodbye he was like "And Ill give you a hug right back!" :DDDD <--- Im smiled like that for days. DAYS. :) Until my laptop broke 3 days later. Then you saw this on my face: D: to o_o to -___- to ); but quadruple that face to its worth sobbing hysterical cry. It was pretty bad how sad I was. Still am sad :/ Ahh enough of this debbie downer stuff. So yes, I met my fav actor of all time, my sister met the cast of her favourite show of all time (the show Castle) at Comic Con as well, since I ended up winning her a ticket :) Hmmm,I was able to hang out with Montana a lot this summer! I was super happy about that cause my worst fear is that we would fade over summer D: But we just got closer really! Since we go to different schools though it will probably be hard for us once school starts but I hate thinking that way ): Hmm, Im trying to think if there was anything else exciting but I honestly cant think of anything else besides normal things that make me happy, like watching movies, hanging out with friends and family, just normal things really. Havent gotten any new books so I need to jump on that D: My birthday is coming up on the tenth of this month (september) and Im kinda excited :) Hoping to get a barnes and noble gift card, the Mac 217, 239, and 222, and to finally start my drivers ed :/ Still havent been able to do that yet o_o And of course theres a million other things I want but Ill just have to wait till Im a billionaire. Bahah I sound so terrible and cocky right now. I hope I dont become a homeless person and jinx my future o_o Oh! I got my schedule for my classes! Im taking honors English, since Im surprisingly really good at the subject and even impress myself at times, and also honors history. I dont know why but I admire history so much. Especially the war time era, like world war 1 & 2. I just find it so fascinating and amusing. I kind of have this dream of becoming a historian one day but uhh, we'll see how that goes. Another exciting class Ill be taking in journalism :D Believe it or not I want to become a news anchor (in all seriousness) so I think this class will definitely be ideal for my college needs and experience. Hopefully I enjoy the class, cause Im really excited for this oppertunity to finally take it! I really enjoy reading and writing. And yes its compeltely ok to think Im crazy. For those of you thinking, "Why do you hate school so much if your good at these subjects?" Well, Ill tell you why. Even if you werent even wondering. I DESPISE with the passion, Math and Science. Honestly, why and what more do you need to know beyond the basics? I just find it so unnecessary that in order to fulfill a proper education you need to know slopes and reciprocals, to capacity and offspring. Honestly, my strive for my goals have nothing to do with those two subjects. Completely unnecessary in my POV but its okay if you differ. Some people were born smart. Others were, well, not. Im in that category. I have to study like no other to get something in my head. Oh, and another reason why Im not looking forward to school: I like my sleep. Lots and lots of sleep. Waking up early is like asking my to run 10 miles in five minutes. It just not possible. My sisters tell me its a nightmare waking me up. And boy do I believe it.
Sorry if this blog post seemed super long and pointless, consider this ramble and an update ;) I wish I had pictures to throw in cause you know how I love including pictures but I dont have a laptop to be uploading them too D: *tear* Im going to leave now, but I really do hope Ill be back on here soon <3
Much love, Caroline.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Im Sorry ):

I feel like I have abandoned my blog o_o I DEEPLY apologize, Ive just been VERRYY busy during the month of April and I had also found Tumblr. Another blogging site but for more of a "younger" and more "random" kindof blogging place that usually consists of asians. Haha, I fit in perfectly, dont I? Well, to be quite honest, I prefer blogspot more just because I feel more comfortable with it, and no one is reblogging my stuff. I dont know, I mean, I still like tumblr, but when I post journal entries, I feel like I should be writing those on here. Sighh, Im such a complicated person. Well, I have been doing good, for the one single person reading my blog ;) Just a little tired due to all the testing I have been doing for school o_o I need this weekend to come FASTER. I love how im saying this and yet tomorrow is Friday ;) But as of right now, I am currently learning how to play the guitar. I bought this guitar guide CD thing that you just place in your PC and it'll show you the steps at your own pace. Ill be completley honest, I STILL DONT UNDERSTAND HOW TO PLAY MY GUITAR! Im on unit three and I feel like I just skipped two units o_o I dont understand what I just read, basically. Which is no bueno. But Im trying. I really really REALLLY want to learn because I just... I mean, Ive had a guitar for 7 months now, and i dont know a single thing about it. My guitar deserves a bit more love. ive basically abandoned it, as it had sat in my closet for the past three months o_o
Anywhooo, over the month of April I got really close to my good friend Montana, which is really good! We went to LA together and had a lot of fun because we went to go see Joseph Vincent, a youtube star shes in love with, perform live, and she had seen him the week before and when we went to go meet him, he REMEMBERED her name! how awesome is that? It was really really cool, and she was over the MOON I tell you! And then the next day we went to Disney Land and had a BLAST! I had such a fun weekend with her. We went back to LA to go watch him perform again (you probably think we're stalkers, huh?) but that is A LONGG story in which Ive already typed, so Ill give you the link cause I vented to my tumblr, although I wish i would have vented here ;) Long story short, things didnt go as planned :/
Now the week is coming to the end and I can finally enjoy my weekend which I really think I deserve after all the stress Ive been. Maybe Ill even learn something from this guitar CD too. Ill definitely update :) And hopefully Ill continue posting regularly! Miss doing this and Ill write back soon!


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Five Random Facts

Long time no post! So I thought I might just do this one :)

Fact 1. I ALWAYS have to put on my socks before jeans. Mainly because I hate the feeling of how the stitching of the jeans (At where they sinch at the end) can tickle your feet and... ughhh *shudders*. I guess its just another phobia of mine. Which leads me to fact #2.

Fact 2. I ALWAYS have to wash my feet before I go to bed. I dont know why. Its just, I cant stand the fact of dirty feet all up in my covers. I especially hate it when my friends come over and they wearing sandal or flats and then they put their feet on my bed. It just grosses me out, but I never say anything about it, because, well, thats just rude. But I immediatley wash my sheets when they leave because I can stand the fact my sheets have been touched with dirty feet. I guess its a part of my OCD. I dont mind if theyre wearing socks though, oddly...

Fact 3. I ALWAYS email the author of a book when finishing his/her novel. Its like, a little habbit of mine, I guess you could call it. I dont know, I guess I feel like I want their intention as a reader of my oppinion on their novel. Woahh, long sentence. Haha, but you'd be surprise of how many emails Ive recieved back. Just to name a few, Ive gotten replies from Loung Ung (International Best Seller of "First they Killed My Father"), Robin Palmer ("Cindy Ella") Sarah Zarr ("Sweet Hearts") Piper Banks ("Geek High") Elizabeth Scott ("Bloom") and many others I just cant name from the top of my head. Of course Ive gotten no reply from other authors, but thats okay. I cant even imagine how busy they are.

Fact 4. I cant STAND when people dont use capital letters properly. It just arghhhhh, it aggrevates me and makes me thiink youre either too lazy to fix your grammar problems or your dont care. Which is fine by all means, its only my oppinion, but it just... I dont know. Stresses me out I guess. I swear this is a part of my OCD though. Like, for instance, when someone makes a title that goes something likes this: what makes your day.
OH MY GOODNESS. I might as well yell. Ok, maybe not THAT dramatic, but you get my point. The CORRECT way (i know you all know this, so please dont think Im giving you a grammar lesson!) is: What Makes Your Day?"
Im just weird. Really weird. And I blame it on my OCD, but hey, thats something we all have to deal with. And dont even get me started on straight lines.

Fact 5. I can rewatch a movie twenty times. No joke. IF theres a movie thats SOOOO incredibly good to a point where the movie is constantly on mind 24/7 (in other words, Im obsessing over a movie) I tend to hunt that movie down online and watch it 20 whopping times. Okay, maybe 21. Ahhhhh, just kidding, well, not really because I probably CAN, but realistically (Since I still have school work and stuff) Ill watch the movie maybe 8 times in a day, then the next day Ill watch it another 5 times, and you get my point. But this movie has to be SUPERRR good to a point where its all Im talking and thinking about. Ill list all the movies that have made me go to this point.
A Cinderella Story- I had it on DVD and litterally remembered ALL the words from that movie. I know, I know, but hey, it was a good movie.
13 going on 30- Ahhh, such good memories <3 I loved Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Gardner together.
What a Girl Wants- One of my closest child hood friends spent litterally DAYS rewatching this super cute and funny movie. Its sooo good, and I can rewatch it another fifty times if I wanted. Amanda Bynes was GREAT in that movie, and Oliver James is just... sighhhhh. I dont even have the word. Im speechless, 'nuff said.
Pride and Prejudice- I remember watching this in 7th or 8th grade and never understood it but remember liking it. Just recently watched it in English and HOLY CROSHNOTS!! I could not get the movie out of my head ALL DAY LONG. I fell so in love with Mr. Darcy- it wasnt even funny. Whenever he and Liz had an interaction my stomached would litterally squeeze into a tight ball and all these nerves and butterflies would just jostle together and send my heart beating off the roof! It was THAT strong. I dont have the movie, so when I went home I found it online and watched it a whopping 13 times that week. It's one of the greatest movies I've ever seen. Truly is.
The Magic of Ordinary Days- ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVES! I say its at tie with Pride and Prejudice. This isnt that well known, but its SOOOO good. I cant even beguin to tell you. I watched it in February on CBS during the Hallmark Hall of Fame period where'd they show a movie every Saturday for the month of Feb. and I wasnt really expecting anything that good to come one. BOY WAS I WRONG! This movie was seriously amazing. Maybe you may not think so, but I sure did. It was exactlyyy my kind of movie. What its about is a girl name Livy who gets preggers and her dad sends her off to a small town in coronado to get married to Ray Singleton who's kind of awkward but superrr adorable and you see through out the movie how their relationship progress and ahhhh, so good. Its based in the 1940's btw. I can rewatch that movie over and over again. Another good one from Hallmark is the movie "Front of the Class". Dont get me started on that one. ;)

So there you have it! Five random facts :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Journal Entry: 3

Today was a pretty crappy day.
Early in the morning, I checked to see any updates for the winners of Elizabeth Scott's contest, and I didnt win. Thats not what made my day crappy, if youre wondering. I guess I was disappointed, but hey, we recover from disappointment, right? But anyway, second period was pretty funny. My teacher told us he would be calling us up to check our Journal Entries for Catcher in the Rye, and for some odd reason, he called me up first. He usually does it by alphabetical order, and my last name starts with an L. so I thought it was strange, but no one seemed to notice. So when I come up there, hes on his computer clicking something and then musics starts playing. I didnt think much of it, and he was taking an awful amount of time checking my papers then he usually does. I even think he actually read an entry. But I finallllly figured out that he was stalling for the songs chorus, which was "Hands, touching hands, reaching out
Touching me, touching you
Oh, sweet Caroline
Good times never seem so good
I've been inclined to believe it never would"
Ha. Not a lot of people noticed at first but I certainly did because he was talking to me about this song the other day. My teacher, if you're wondering, is super hilarious. He reminds me of Conan O Brian- humor wise. There was this one time our VP came in our class room to talk about the CHASEE test, and she said that there would be prizes for the people who did SUPER excellent, and one of those prizes insisted of a hundred bucks. And then Mr. Norton raises his hand and says, "Oh, she forgot to tell you the greatest prize of all- you'll also receive an autographed picture of me." We all just were laughing hysterically.
Anyways, when the "Sweet Caroline" verse came on again, he said, "Thanks, CAROLINE" and then everyone finally understood and were all laughing and I was kind of embarrassed but I found it pretty funny too.
And now on to the worst part of my day.
My P.E teacher of last semester gave me a C in P.E, which balanced out to a B on my report card because I originally had 2 A's coming from the time before I had P.E class because I did golf as a sport. Anyways, my sister was very upset I had a B, because honestly, thats quite pathetic. No worries if you think so too. If anything, I completely agree. But the thing is, I dont deserve a C. If anything, I deserve a B- at the very least. Definitely not a C. And what makes me more C is that he gave me a freakin E for citizen ship. How in the world does that work out??
So my sister called him and then today in P.E he pulled me out of my new class (i dont have him as a teacher anymore) and he was discussing to my why I got a C and asked for MY input, so I of course stood by my thoughts and told him I felt like I deserved a B- at the absolute very least. Certainly not a C. And then he told me how I and my friends in the class (Golf Buddies: Reeanna, Eanna, and Antonielle) dont try in Ultimate Frisbee and how we did nothing in the weight room. And I told him that we didnt enjoy Ultimate Frisbee at all, yet we still did participate. If anything, I understand the Ultimate Frisbee part, BUT WE ONLY PLAYED THREE TIMES OUT OF THE THREE MONTHS WE WERE IN THAT CLASS!! He cant base off our grade in that particular sport. And how we did do things in the weight room. We jump roped. And we'd do Dumb Bells, and the ab machine, and even sit ups. Sure, this routine was repetitive, but its doing something rather than doing nothing. And we'd even go up to the soccer field every day to take attendance for him. When I pointed that out to him, he said "You wanna know why I asked you guys to do that?"
And I already knew the answer. I really did. "To make use of our time by doing you a favor?" And he just nodded his head. Really. This frustrates me. And when I told him I thought he didnt take this class seriously because he'd come out twenty minutes out the locker room than we did, he told me his excuse that was pointless to me. It really was a huge waste of my time. And when I asked him about my stupid citizenship grade he told me he liked me as a person but hes not going to base my behavior on my actual grade. OMIGOODNESS, it just doesn't make sense. I mean, he has a point, but the thing is- I did all the standards that should be good enough to reach above average. We ran the mile in standard time. Which is 6 laps in fifteen minutes. We followed the rules, did what we were supposed to do, and I pointed this out to him and he just calmly would answer back and that really just pissed me off. And the stupidly sensitive person I can be came out and I could feel my voice wavering and then I began to cry. My eyes were stinging like crazy and as much as I tried to stop I couldn't. And he just stood there all quiet and I finally gathered myself together and told him I had to get dressed and that if he would like to discuss this any further than do so with my sister. And I just left. I feel super duper stupid for crying, that part really wasnt needed. But sometimes, my emotions get the best of me. I feel ESPECIALLY bad for Reeanna because him giving her a C averaging out to a B ruined her 4.0. I was upset for her when she told me. Im just upset all together. But Im a strong girl and know that Ill get past this. Sometimes, its best to forget and just try again, although I tend to avoid that guide line. Im very stubborn, but in the end, I learn from it.
And then I WAS going to talk to Dexter boy. Theres this guy at the bus stop whom goes to my school that looks EXACTLY like Michael C. Hall just with tanner skin, and I really wanna tell him that, because I LOVEEEE Dexter (the Showtime show) but I looked toi bad of a mess to even be talking. My day ended pretty bad, so hopefully I can go to the gym and just run it off. Oh! And you guys know how I love to add a pic for all my posts, so heres my new book shelf! On the tope is where I keep my YA novels or what you could call chick-flick novels. And you guys have no idea how much I cherish my Sarah Dessen collection. NO idea. Sure, I dont have ALLL her books, but I do have seven out of the nine. I let my friend borrow Someone Like You though (How to Deal, so That Summer is combined) but I keep it first on top, right next to my bedside :) I treasure my Sarah Dessen collection and cant wait for my collection to be fulfilled. And the ones beside that particular collection are just all sorts of different books I have. Towards the end of the first shelf though are some auto-biography books that I couldn't stop reading once I had the book in my hands. So any book on my top shelf is what I HIGHLY recommend, except for the ones at the VERY end. Ive yet to read those ones. And on the second shelf are just books I know Im going to have to read next year, and some other ones I havent read as well. My top shelf really is just like, my main collection. And on the VERY top of my shelf is everything I need right before I go to bed. A lamp, for if Im reading a book and dont wanna get up to turn the light on, perfumes for the morning, germ x, and a basket of miscellaneous things. Well, thanks for reading guys if you did read!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bloom by Elizabeth Scott

Alright, so Ill start off by saying this: In eigth grade, my passion for books sky rocketed (actually, it started in seventh grade, but I was going through a baseball book only phase) and I was just madly on the hunt for the best YA novels.
I discovered many books, in fact. Like Just Listen by Sarah Dessen, Cindy Ella by Robin Palmer,Lucky T by Kate Brian,then all of Sarah Dessen's remaining novels I had yet to of read, and then along came Bloom by Elizabeth Scott. Now Im not gonna RUIN anything for you guys who are reading, but when you read a lineup with the perfect or close-to-perfect kind of books, you expect that nice long streak to keep on going. For some reason though, after reading "Bloom", I was extremley upset. I even lent it to my friend so she could give me her own oppinion on how she felt about the book, and she ended up telling me she really liked it.
Okay, so this is where the immature part comes... I emailed the author, Elizabeth, about how much I didnt like the book and was really upset with how the story played out. She never responded to me, and I really didnt expect it either.
Alright, so last year, I was cleaning up my room when I found "Bloom" and I wasnt reading a book at the moment and decided to read it again. OH MY GOODNESS DID I LOVE IT! Seriously, this book has a twist that you somewhat expect, somewhat dont, which makes it all the more fun to read. I feel incredulous at the fact that I dared say I didnt like it, because words will never explain how good of a book this is.
In "Bloom" Lauren tells her story of being the one with the perfect boyfriend, perfect friendships, and overall a perfect life. But shes not satisfied with it. If anything, her life seems forgettable.
In walks Evan Kirkland, the boy she shared her childhood with, now seeming to be more secrative and silent as he unexpectedly offers rides to Lauren. Suddenly, Lauren realizes this rush she has, a rush she's never experienced.
In this novel written by the amazing Elizabeth Scott- OH YEAH! I forgot to say I emailed her again telling her I reread the book and absoltley loved it, and she told me that she was really happy I gave it a second chance. Well, so am I :) Anyways, in this novel written by Elizabeth Scott, you will witness the true growth of an unsteady relationship. Feelings overcome reality, and soon, reality is dealt to face with. How Lauren handles all these mind consuming things is for you to find out.
I cant reccomend this book enough. Just to get a bit specific, I felt like the twist in this book is a nice change from all the other YA novels Im used too. Perfection once was key from me, however, this book is perfection in its own category. For me, I admired every single flaw, which really makes the book that much more unique and exciting then others. You will be hooked from start to finish- or like me, for eternity. Hmm, that sounded REALLY corny. But I dont know, I find myself rereading "Bloom" ALOT! Haha, I hope you guys check this book out and tell me your thoughts :) Thanks for reading!

Journal Entry: 2

Hmm, so I haven't done an entry journal in a month. I guess I should, although I REALLY need to start on my homework...
Anyways, I guess I can talk about a book Im writing. To be honest, I have NO absolute idea where I'm going with this, actually, I do, but I dont know if Im willing to take such a turn Ive never pictured myself doing. All stories have a twist-they can never be perfect is what I realized. That's why when I was younger I was DETERMINED to create a novel with the perfect story, but I realized, no one would want to read that (well, maybe I would, but thats just me against millions of fans who prefer more depth in a YA novel)Hmm, maybe I can post up a paragraph on here... when I think out my story and when it gets a bit more clearer, Ill do that :)
Okay, on to the subject of school... same as always. Quite boring and tiring, BUT, the last few days Ive actually been reading my world history book, and I found the chapter REALLLLY interesting! It was really just about World War 1 and the controversy of Europe and how the Americans got involved and for some reason it was SO intriguing! Tomorrow, we have a test about that section. Dont wanna sound cocky or anything, but Im feeling pretty confident. Haha, watch me fail since I just said that ;)
Oh! And moving back to the subject of my story, Im really focusing on two best friends. Im gonna be honest, Me+Bestfriend= WRONG. I can not, and I repeat NOT keep a best friend to save my life. I dont even know if my current "best friend" is still my best friend! We hardly talk, mainly because I dont really vent to her the way she does to me, but hey, we're different. Needless to say, i think we both dont balance each other quite well. But that's ok, I never really minded when previous best friends and I faded majorly. Actually, once, in seventh grade, cause her and I were friends since Elementary, but Im just glad we're good friends to this day and our families are still close. But anyhow, the reason why I want to focus my story on two best friends is because I want to create a character as the main characters best friend, just so I can express in words camouflaged in a story of the best friend I never really had. I want that character to be someone where readers go, I wish I had a friend like that- because I certainly have had that happen to me all the time.
Ive always imagined what it feels like to have a best friend where you spend days shopping together and staying up till 2 am talking about random things, sleepovers, all that good stuff. And the thing is- I have experienced that- and I wish the friendship can stay as strong when you first became best friends. But for me, it just doesn't. Simple as that.
Anyways, Ill stop babbling about that. People must think Im weird anyways.
So moving on... Im currently re-reading Catcher in the Rye for my English class. I really like that book. I admire Holden's personality. I feel like he's an authentic teenager, basically, I feel like hes not fake. With his character, what you see is what you get. He doesn't play games. He has a very straight forward, upfront personality, and I really admire that for some reason. Im actually surprised that I liked the book, since Im so into chick-flick novels.
Well, I should go start on some journal entries I have to do for Catcher in the Rye. Hopefully Ill post another journal up soon.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Just Listen by Sarah Dessen

I cant tell you how many times I have read this book. I want to say at least thirty. At the very least. Anyways, this book is about a girl who finds herself in the last postition any person would want to be in. Her sister is fighting an eating disorder (which isnt easy) and her friendship with Sophie has ended bitterly, which seems to have the whole school none the less (she feels) the whole world against her.
Suddenly though, Owen Armstrong walks in her life, approaching her with the concept of honesty and courage. Ive got to say, out of all Sarah Dessen's guy characters, I like Owen the best (but Dexter doesnt run too far behind!) mainly because he's just so different and so well explained. He's honest, allowing us as the reader to get a really clear image of what exactly he stands for. I dont want to say he has a complicated personality, because he truly doesnt, its just that its so... different, i guess is the best word, from all the other Sarah Dessen characters. With Owen, what you see is what you get. Honesty is key for him, and thats what Annabelle soon beguins to realize. It's not that Annabell isnt honest, its just that she likes to hold a lot back, because in her mind, sometimes things are easier to be kept in than let out.
But Owens motivation of always being honest inspires Annabell in a way she never realized.
In this story, you see the true change of a character encouraged by another, and discover the real reasons of what Annabell decided to keep in, rather than let out.
Once again, Sarah Dessen has created another master piece in her style of writing, a book you will not be able to put down. This novel seriously is such a well-thought out book that I cant get enough of. I reccomend it to anyone who ADORE young adult novels. This is a book you dont want to miss.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Unwritten Rule- Get the Word Around!!

I noticed a lot of people took the "Unwritten Rule" from Elizabeth's blog and just pasted it on their own. Obviously, that was an option, but I didnt want to be added to the twenty people + who just did that. That is why I made a youtube video, wrote "The Unwrtten Rule, By Elizabeth Scott, Avaliable on March 16th" in all of my classes (on the white board, with permission) and made had my very amazingly talented friend help out with making my own cover for the Unwritten Rule. I mean, for the whole white board thing, there are so many girls at my school who love reading YA novels, at least fifty of them will be intersted. So here are all the links to Elizabeths blog, contest, homepage, you name it, its there :) And here are the pictures!

Her Website:
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And last but not least, my youtube video :) :

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