Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

Its the most wonderful time of the year! Its actually Christmas Ever, but close enough. So today I actually celebrated Christmas! Mainly because my sister is celebrating it with her boyfriends family tomorrow, and you cant celebrate Christmas with one family member missing (at least in my family) and so we just celebrated today :)
Well. I certainly had a great day. As promised, I received my laptop! Its a Toshiba laptop and its quite nice. I really really do love it. I was thinking about naming it after Lucy, but ehhh, we'll see. Ill go back and edit this post later and add pictures :) The only gripe I have is that it doesnt have a webcam :/ Which sucks. A lot. But I can always just buy a webcam. Right? On top of that, I receive a blue tooth headset because I had told my sister the reason Ive been breaking out lately is because I press my Iphone to my face a lot (because I call people) and the bacteria on the screen transfers to my face therefor causing acne. So it was a pleasant surprise when I opened up that present :D And I also got a pair of Vans that are kind of like the classics but not quite. They're blue and gray and I really really do like them :) And last but not least, I received a brand new printer! How exciting, right?! It an HP and its beautiful, although Im kind of concerned of what Im going to do when I run out of ink. Because its really super duper expensive. My sister told me that people just buy whole new printers in order to save money o_o I might do that.
And thats pretty much all! Im very thankful for everything Ive received and Im really really happy. I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas & New Year! For those who don't celebrate Christmas, Happy Holidays!

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