Friday, November 19, 2010

Thank Goodness for Thanksgiving.

So its that time of year again. I cant believe Ive been on here for almost a year now. Amazing how time flies, huh?
Well, to start off, today is Friday and I couldnt be happier. Because it is the week of thanksgiving, I get this whole entire upcoming week off from school. This break has been long desired, and very well deserved. I work so hard in school, and when I say that I really do mean it. Ill even admit- last year, I didnt really give it my all. Classes were ehhh, I didnt really care for it. But since this is my most important year of high school, I'm making sure Im getting my act together. I do all of my homework, actually go to tutoring, write articles for the news paper while still writing papers for my journalism class, study my SAT book (which I need to REALLY focus on since Ive been slacking :/), study really hard for my history tests, and on top of that I am in a club & I still on occasion manage to take an afternoon nap. My goodness what a busy schedule I have. Maybe its not hectic, but this is everything it takes for me to get that 4.1 I personally believe I deserve. I sound really cocky and selfish, I know, but when I work really hard I wont deny it.
So today was pretty horrible. Everything kind of just pissed me off. I dont know why. I think it kinda started when I say T & E together for the first time (YES- Im still not over it. I know I know, Im pretty pathetic.) and they were holding hands and then they hugged. That image immediately made a good day bad. GAHH Im so dramatic. Maybe not that bad, but it definitely was... uncomfortable for me to witness. And I noticed- since T is from China and only came here last year, shes still really fob and does not know much English. Well, E is half Chinese and half white and it turns out that he speaks Mandarin too o_o So today, on top of the hugging scenario, I realized that this how they communicate.
E: Speaks English.
T: Responds in Chinese.
Really? Like, seriously, are you kidding me? What a strange world this has become. Oh well, who am I to say anything? Some people may find this cute. I certainly do not, but then again I don't think anyone would if they were in my position. Sighh. Gahh, Im just joking (not really) Im just being really bitter because... well Im in a very bitter mood.
On a slightly better note- there's this one guy that Ive had a really big crush on but never seemed practical. Lets call him C. Well, in all honesty, Ive never talked to C. I just have always thought he was super duper cute. And today, when I was walking to sixth period, I was texting (and nearly ran into the wall, how embarrassing) when all of a sudden I heard my name being called, and I turn around and its C O_O What killed it was that his girlfriend was right next to him -___- But he knew my name :OOO Well, we both know of each other, but its still shocking cause he never ever has spoken to me. But don't get too excited. All he said was "Your backpack is open." -___- Of course I say thank you and he says no problem, but I mean, I was two steps away from my class room. Within the next thirty seconds I would have figured that out. But that's okay. First interaction between C and I. Over a backpack. Lucky me.
What else? Hmmm, I think I did decent on my physics test. Everybody else is convinced that they failed since Mrs. H does not (literally, shes a horrific teacher) know how to teach. Im actually not going to lie, I probably failed with the rest of the majority. But I still have hope.
Which reminds me. I was talking to dear Megan about my ETC affair and we were communicating through writing on the table with my eraser (dont ask) and when there was no more room she got a tiny scrap of paper and wrote "Theres always hope" which I dont know why, it made me feel really good. So I taped that little strip to my calculator :) To always give me hope. Especially during crucial times when I need it (like a physics test!)
So that basically concludes how my day went. I hope yours went better. Ill definitely update during the break if anything exciting comes up. I hope you all have a good weekend!


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