Sunday, November 14, 2010

An Eventful Week. Makeup, Weekend, Friends, and School.

Wow. So this week was definitely busy for some odd reason. Usually, I enjoy doing nothing with my time- when its intentional of course, but I was just all over the place this week. So lets start with Monday. Wasnt anything special, but I had a club meeting after school. I'm in a club called Mock Trial, where you gather a group of people and we have two real lawyers who work with us and we are given a case and then in February we get to battle this case in a courthouse downtown against a different school. Sounds really cool, right? Well, that's why I joined. And let me tell you- I don't like joining clubs AT ALL. The commitment is just to much to bear for me (i have commitment issues) which is strange because this club requires a definite commitment, and I was willing to do it. Haha, if it wasn't because of Law and Order then I don't think I'd be in this club, lol. But I kind of also wanted to challenge myself and see what other things I can do outside of my comfort zone, so I thought that this would be a good opportunity. I play the witness is my case, so its not THAT exciting but I'm satisfied. I also have only one friend in that club, so I guess that's a good thing because I get to branch out to different people. BUT, haha, the president of the club, is kinda cute. He's half white and half Chinese, and he was friends with my sister. And hes really nice to me too. He's a senior, if you're wondering, and I personally would like to get to know him better. BUUT. He JUST got in a relationship -___- So Ill give this whole thing two weeks. If it lasts, then Ill step down. If it doesnt. Ill make my move. Bhahahahaha I feel so evil yet good at the same time. Haha, my friend Megan has given me all the reason as to why their relationship wont last. We call this the ETC affair. Ohhhh man. But yes, so thats what's been happening with mock trial :)
 NEXT. Well, on Friday I went to my friends house, Kayla, the girl I met through Montana (whom I am no longer friends with). It was her brothers last football game and so we, along with her family, went to her schools football game. Let me just say. IVE NEVER BEEN THAT COLD IN MY DEAR LIFE. Seriously. I couldn't even feel my toes. Or hands. Or face. Or body. IT WAS THAT COLD. My goodness. I was watching that stupid clock for the next four hours waiting for all damn four quarters to end. For any east coasters, they probably think Im pathetic. I was nearly dying at 47 degrees. But let me tell you, in my city, 64 degrees is considered horrific weather. And the snuggy they brought didnt do crap. But Marrissa and Blake were there so that made things better. Heres a picture of all of us :)

 And I also got to meet Kaylas brothers. One of them is in my grade. And he was kind of cute. And pretty nice to me. But nothing happened so I just move forward. I got my ETC affair to worry about anyway. So anywho. After the game, we went back to her house, BLASTED the heater, and ate In N Out. It was yummy. And then we headed off to bed because we were so so SOOO tired. But then in the middle of the night I apparently rolled off the bed (which I actually remember doing) because it was so gosh darn hot because her parents forgot to turn off the heater and I was just overly hot so I went to the bathroom and washed my hands with cold water and then I went back to bed. Which is strange, because thats exactly what I did a few years ago at an old friends house when her mom forgot to turn off the heater. And then the next day we had breakfast, went to the mall to go find Kayla shirt for her senior pictures, and then we went back to her place and I did her hair and makeup. She looked really really pretty :)
And then her parents dropped me off at home, and I immediately went straight to the computer to check my updates, and then I quickly hopped in the shower and began to get ready for the Batmitzva I was attending that night. Because I only had like, two hours! So here is the final look I came up with.

So because I love makeup and I never really get a chance to blog about it, Ill do a run down of everything Im wearing. So its like a face of the day type thing :)
On face:
Laura Mercier Primer
Max Factor Color Genious Foundation in Ivory
Mac Mineralized Skin Finish Natural in Medium Plus
Bourjous Blush in Rose Frisson
NYC Bronzer
On Eyes:
Mac Paint Pot in Painterly
Mac Evening Auora all over lid
Tarina Tarantino Bangle in Crease
Maybelline Eye Studio Quad in Give Me Gold; darkest brown shade on the outter corner and highlight color on the brow bones and tops of cheeks.
Loreal Paint in Blake as liner on lashline
Lancome Color Design in Black on waterline
Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara
Extra curled lashes thanks to Bobby Brown Lash Curler and Elf Lash Curler :)
For Hair:
Super straight hair with pearl lace from Michaels as a head band.
Done! :D
Pretty simple, for the most part. I feel like neutral was more appropiate then a smokey eye. Actually, smokey eyes dont look good on me for some reason. I think smokey neutral eyes are the best way to go when it comes to my eyes and skin tone. I really like how I looked though, so maybe this can be my go-to looks for special occasions. My ourfit was simple as well.
Top: From Hollister
Cardigan: From Hollister
Skirt: Nordstorm
Belt: Steve Madden
Shoes: Target.
Earrings: Betsey Johnson.
I actually really like this outfit too! Its quite cute I must admit :)
Also, I was allowed to bring Blake to this party with me. Blake is my ultimate Go-To guy when it comes to entertainment. I just HAVE to bring him along. He always knows how to associate with people but most importantly make people laugh. So my sisters and I LOVED having him around during the night!

So we first headed on over to Jeromes. Yes, the furniture store. My sister and bro in law wanted to check out their furniture and it was also their like, 20th anniversary or something. So there were refreshments! And Blake and I were STARVING. So we just stayed at the table with crackers and cheese and trail mix and punch and just ate. Haha, and then we went upstairs and took some pictures. Like this one.

So we head on over to the hotel, and then we get to the room where the party was held. They had two rooms, one with poker tables (It was Vegas themed!), a dance floor, and photo booths (GAHHH the photo booth was like, my favorite place in the world!) and then another room with lots and lots of food and desert! And there was also a bartender making Mock Tails! It was pretty awesome :) And so Blake and I hit up the food first, got our mock tails, and chowed down. And then we went to the photo booth and took a million pictures, and then we headed over to the poker table where the dealer was pretty damn cute and it seemed as if he was flirting with me. Tehe :) But I didnt get the number -___- Hahaha, he was probably twenty one anyways. Ohhh well.
So heres some more photos of our night! Blake and I with our mock tails :)

And then I HAD to take a picture with the birthday girl. My sweet dear ZoZo :)

And then heres Blake and I at the poker table. I wish Dealer Boy coulda been in it, but its cool. Memories shall last me forever.

And now it is Sunday. I just finished my News Article on the new counselors at my school. This article I just wrote is going to be going in the newspaper so Im very excited and I made sure that this news article was RIGHT on. We'll see if it is on Monday. Im actually kind of scared of my journalism teacher because shes really hard on the students and it needs to be good or you'll immediately get criticized. And I don't handle criticism well. At all. Ill break down and cry. So Im hoping that I did a good job. And tomorrow I have my mock trial meeting after school. We will see how that goes ;) Ill update you guys soon!

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