Thursday, May 6, 2010

Im Sorry ):

I feel like I have abandoned my blog o_o I DEEPLY apologize, Ive just been VERRYY busy during the month of April and I had also found Tumblr. Another blogging site but for more of a "younger" and more "random" kindof blogging place that usually consists of asians. Haha, I fit in perfectly, dont I? Well, to be quite honest, I prefer blogspot more just because I feel more comfortable with it, and no one is reblogging my stuff. I dont know, I mean, I still like tumblr, but when I post journal entries, I feel like I should be writing those on here. Sighh, Im such a complicated person. Well, I have been doing good, for the one single person reading my blog ;) Just a little tired due to all the testing I have been doing for school o_o I need this weekend to come FASTER. I love how im saying this and yet tomorrow is Friday ;) But as of right now, I am currently learning how to play the guitar. I bought this guitar guide CD thing that you just place in your PC and it'll show you the steps at your own pace. Ill be completley honest, I STILL DONT UNDERSTAND HOW TO PLAY MY GUITAR! Im on unit three and I feel like I just skipped two units o_o I dont understand what I just read, basically. Which is no bueno. But Im trying. I really really REALLLY want to learn because I just... I mean, Ive had a guitar for 7 months now, and i dont know a single thing about it. My guitar deserves a bit more love. ive basically abandoned it, as it had sat in my closet for the past three months o_o
Anywhooo, over the month of April I got really close to my good friend Montana, which is really good! We went to LA together and had a lot of fun because we went to go see Joseph Vincent, a youtube star shes in love with, perform live, and she had seen him the week before and when we went to go meet him, he REMEMBERED her name! how awesome is that? It was really really cool, and she was over the MOON I tell you! And then the next day we went to Disney Land and had a BLAST! I had such a fun weekend with her. We went back to LA to go watch him perform again (you probably think we're stalkers, huh?) but that is A LONGG story in which Ive already typed, so Ill give you the link cause I vented to my tumblr, although I wish i would have vented here ;) Long story short, things didnt go as planned :/
Now the week is coming to the end and I can finally enjoy my weekend which I really think I deserve after all the stress Ive been. Maybe Ill even learn something from this guitar CD too. Ill definitely update :) And hopefully Ill continue posting regularly! Miss doing this and Ill write back soon!