Friday, December 24, 2010

What's it Like to Meet Dexter Morgan? (or Michael C. Hall): MY COMIC-CON STORY

Freakin Amazing. If you are one of the three followers on my blog (I know I know) then you may be aware that I have indeed met THE Michael C. Hall who plays Dexter Morgan in the hit ShowTime series Dexter. Quite amazing and extremely impressive if I dont say so myself. But for any of those who wonder what Michael is like, hes a horribly mean and rude hateful person that I never want to be in the same room with again...
Ohmigosh, if he was really like that I think I'd cry. NO. Michael is seriously one of the most kindest and realest "famous" (I really dont know why I quoted that) people I've ever met- and I've met A LOT. But that could potentially be a whole other blog if interested.
Anyway, my sister and I were invited to the Showtime after party in which took place RIGHT after the first day of Comic-Con (in San Diego). My sister and I were fortunate enough to get tickets to this event, and I think everyone understands how HUGE Comic-Con is. I've been there two times now and I already feel that its going to become a tradition because you just learn to love the atmosphere. My very first impression though, I was overwhelmed with the amount of people there and how many people go all out, but I was underwhelmed with how much was there. I think I was really bugged of how LONG the lines were in order to go into a ballroom or Hall H because of all the good panels! Seriously, it is an INCREDIBLE line. And Im really impatient. But then you just have to think of it as a lesson learned and if you REALLY want to see a panel- GET THERE EARLY. And I mean no-you-cant-go-browsing-around-get-your-ass-directly-to-the-ballroom-ASAP if you are dead serious about wanting to see some people from one of your favorite shows. Especially if you want decent seats. I remember my sister and I were thinking, EHHHH, Im sure no one will be waiting to see Dexter, we'll get there later. WRONG. EVRYONE and I mean like, 4,000 people wanted to see Dexter. We were such noobs. Ahh, well, lesson learned. But after this year, my second time going, I kind of learned to love everything about Comic Con. I think the best part is is that you will NEVER, EVER be considered weird or odd there. No ones judging you, its just pure fun and excitement. Oh. The free things are definitely one of the main reasons that I love it too. You can score some pretty awesome stuff!
Anywho, I totally lost track of where I was going with this.
Oh. Okay. So my sister got to browse around Comic-Con for a good three hours or so, and during that time we were able to meet James Remar who plays Harry at the Showtime booth. Surprisingly the line was NOT extravagant and I only had to wait like, ten minutes top. He was nice and friendly and he kept on smiling (you probably dont believe me) at me when I was in line. Tehe.
CHECK IT OUT. For some reason I look extremely happy and excited. Well, then again- I was.
And so after that amazing moment, my sister and I headed on up stairs to wait in a massive line in which could have been MUCH worst that took two hours long in order to get in to ballroom 20, which had the panels Psych and Dexter coming up. Thankfully we made it in time and I must admit- my absolute favorite panel EVER would have to be the Psych panel. That was my second time seeing them and they are down right HILARIOUS and they have so much fun up there. Dule Hill and James Roday are just amazing together, they never fail to make me laugh. And thats saying a lot because at the time- I never even watched Psych! But Im currently on the second season and Im really really liking the show! Its so funny and clever, I highly highly recommend it. But yes, I love the Psych panel more than Dexter. Which is strange because Dexter is my favorite show of all time yet the panel... they just... I hate to say this but they dont have enough fun up there. While the Psych panel tap dances and have hilarious questions thrown at them and they always have the best answers. Enough said.
But I still enjoy the Dexter Panel, so please dont get me wrong! The very first time I went to Comic Con and was at the Dexter panel I was able to go on the microphone and ask Michael C. Hall a question! In which I cant even remember because I was so dazed and in disbelief that he answered in such a long form. It felt like a dream.
ANYWAY. I got sidetracked AGAIN. But like I was saying- my sister and I stuck around for the Psych panel and part of the Dexter panel because we had to dip ASAP. And we really wanted to redeem our tickets for the free merchandise and so we had to run across the street to the Marriot hotel and get our shirts. It was SO STUPID. Why didnt they just put the merchandise in some room at the Convention Center like last year? So stupid.
Oh. Also, the Psych panel gives out Tshirts which are the most SOFTEST things in the world with cute little phrases. Bonus!
And after that we had to jet to the Anzia Hotel which was about ten blocks away so we took a cab and arrived on the rooftop right on time. But because I didnt have an ID I couldnt get in right away. And because I wasnt 21- they didnt want to let me in at all. But we were able to work out a deal. I could only stay till 8:30 and I had to stay away from the bar. FAIR ENOUGH.
And that, my friends, is where I was able to mingle with Michael C. Hall. On the roof top of some fancy shmancy hotel with all sorts of high end food being served and an open bar.By the way, this party was REALLY VIP. I cant even believe I was there. Super classy party. It was quite amazing. No one was like, fighting to get a picture or anything, he was just mingling and so I took it as my cue to go up to him. I introduced myself, and he was super duper nice. And then I got a picture. And then my sister got one too. And later we went back to get another picture for her because she "blinked" and he was like "YOU BLINKED?! Lets get another one!" Seriously. SO NICE. And my sister also made him these candy roses and she was like "I know you may not want to hold these all night so its okay if you dont want them" (or something like that) and he was so surprised and was like "Thank you so much! Ill put them right here in my pocket. AND HE DID.
And then later, when I had to leave because the people hunted me down -___-, I went over to Michael and asked him to sign my comic con badge (which he did) and then (this is the best part) I asked him if I could have a hug goodbye and he said "Of course. And Ill hug you right back." I can finally die of happiness. Oh. We also met James again, and he gave me a kiss on the cheek and said he remembered us from earlier. Wow. What a night.

Now I need to meet the cast of Psych and Criminal Minds and life will be COMPLETE. I must say though, the highlight of 2010 was meeting Michael C. Hall. Meeting my favorite actor seems too unreal. But it happened. And I will always have my picture to prove it.

Chou! -Caroline


  1. Trop de chance, bravo!

  2. So lucky! How did you get invites?? :) I'm going to Comic-Con this year for the first time.