Saturday, January 16, 2010

Just Water??

Lately, Ive been using just water for my skin care routine. Now, I dont have bad skin to beguin with, but I do get the occasion pimple here and there. Usually, the zits make a specific target on my forehead, but lately, Ive been getting some spots on my cheeks as well. I finally discovered that it was the cleanser I was using (Clean and Clear Deep Action Cleanser) that created these very random spots on my cheeks. I decided to stop using it, but that led me to using just water then, for I have other skin care products, but I just dont trust them as much as I put my trust in Clean and Clear products. So I opted for water. I mean, it is natural, right?
Anyways, its been about two weeks, and Ive got to say, my skin has not looked as great as it does now in months. My skin is pretty sensitive Ill admit, but it could always put up with a few of the face washes I would apply to my face. But since water is just pure and natural and definitley contains no chemicals, my skin has been drinking it all in and seems to be a bit moistorized as well. Of course, I still use my Clinique moistorizer, but Ive noticed that my skin is a bit less dry then it would be normally if I were to use a face wash. So to say, I have been loving this VERY inexpensive skin care routine (ha!) and am enjoying the results.
I say give this a week. Take a break from all those chemicals, and try to see how your skin will react to just water. My face feels a lot more refeshed by just doing so.
I hope this helped!

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