Friday, November 19, 2010

Thank Goodness for Thanksgiving.

So its that time of year again. I cant believe Ive been on here for almost a year now. Amazing how time flies, huh?
Well, to start off, today is Friday and I couldnt be happier. Because it is the week of thanksgiving, I get this whole entire upcoming week off from school. This break has been long desired, and very well deserved. I work so hard in school, and when I say that I really do mean it. Ill even admit- last year, I didnt really give it my all. Classes were ehhh, I didnt really care for it. But since this is my most important year of high school, I'm making sure Im getting my act together. I do all of my homework, actually go to tutoring, write articles for the news paper while still writing papers for my journalism class, study my SAT book (which I need to REALLY focus on since Ive been slacking :/), study really hard for my history tests, and on top of that I am in a club & I still on occasion manage to take an afternoon nap. My goodness what a busy schedule I have. Maybe its not hectic, but this is everything it takes for me to get that 4.1 I personally believe I deserve. I sound really cocky and selfish, I know, but when I work really hard I wont deny it.
So today was pretty horrible. Everything kind of just pissed me off. I dont know why. I think it kinda started when I say T & E together for the first time (YES- Im still not over it. I know I know, Im pretty pathetic.) and they were holding hands and then they hugged. That image immediately made a good day bad. GAHH Im so dramatic. Maybe not that bad, but it definitely was... uncomfortable for me to witness. And I noticed- since T is from China and only came here last year, shes still really fob and does not know much English. Well, E is half Chinese and half white and it turns out that he speaks Mandarin too o_o So today, on top of the hugging scenario, I realized that this how they communicate.
E: Speaks English.
T: Responds in Chinese.
Really? Like, seriously, are you kidding me? What a strange world this has become. Oh well, who am I to say anything? Some people may find this cute. I certainly do not, but then again I don't think anyone would if they were in my position. Sighh. Gahh, Im just joking (not really) Im just being really bitter because... well Im in a very bitter mood.
On a slightly better note- there's this one guy that Ive had a really big crush on but never seemed practical. Lets call him C. Well, in all honesty, Ive never talked to C. I just have always thought he was super duper cute. And today, when I was walking to sixth period, I was texting (and nearly ran into the wall, how embarrassing) when all of a sudden I heard my name being called, and I turn around and its C O_O What killed it was that his girlfriend was right next to him -___- But he knew my name :OOO Well, we both know of each other, but its still shocking cause he never ever has spoken to me. But don't get too excited. All he said was "Your backpack is open." -___- Of course I say thank you and he says no problem, but I mean, I was two steps away from my class room. Within the next thirty seconds I would have figured that out. But that's okay. First interaction between C and I. Over a backpack. Lucky me.
What else? Hmmm, I think I did decent on my physics test. Everybody else is convinced that they failed since Mrs. H does not (literally, shes a horrific teacher) know how to teach. Im actually not going to lie, I probably failed with the rest of the majority. But I still have hope.
Which reminds me. I was talking to dear Megan about my ETC affair and we were communicating through writing on the table with my eraser (dont ask) and when there was no more room she got a tiny scrap of paper and wrote "Theres always hope" which I dont know why, it made me feel really good. So I taped that little strip to my calculator :) To always give me hope. Especially during crucial times when I need it (like a physics test!)
So that basically concludes how my day went. I hope yours went better. Ill definitely update during the break if anything exciting comes up. I hope you all have a good weekend!


Sunday, November 14, 2010

An Eventful Week. Makeup, Weekend, Friends, and School.

Wow. So this week was definitely busy for some odd reason. Usually, I enjoy doing nothing with my time- when its intentional of course, but I was just all over the place this week. So lets start with Monday. Wasnt anything special, but I had a club meeting after school. I'm in a club called Mock Trial, where you gather a group of people and we have two real lawyers who work with us and we are given a case and then in February we get to battle this case in a courthouse downtown against a different school. Sounds really cool, right? Well, that's why I joined. And let me tell you- I don't like joining clubs AT ALL. The commitment is just to much to bear for me (i have commitment issues) which is strange because this club requires a definite commitment, and I was willing to do it. Haha, if it wasn't because of Law and Order then I don't think I'd be in this club, lol. But I kind of also wanted to challenge myself and see what other things I can do outside of my comfort zone, so I thought that this would be a good opportunity. I play the witness is my case, so its not THAT exciting but I'm satisfied. I also have only one friend in that club, so I guess that's a good thing because I get to branch out to different people. BUT, haha, the president of the club, is kinda cute. He's half white and half Chinese, and he was friends with my sister. And hes really nice to me too. He's a senior, if you're wondering, and I personally would like to get to know him better. BUUT. He JUST got in a relationship -___- So Ill give this whole thing two weeks. If it lasts, then Ill step down. If it doesnt. Ill make my move. Bhahahahaha I feel so evil yet good at the same time. Haha, my friend Megan has given me all the reason as to why their relationship wont last. We call this the ETC affair. Ohhhh man. But yes, so thats what's been happening with mock trial :)
 NEXT. Well, on Friday I went to my friends house, Kayla, the girl I met through Montana (whom I am no longer friends with). It was her brothers last football game and so we, along with her family, went to her schools football game. Let me just say. IVE NEVER BEEN THAT COLD IN MY DEAR LIFE. Seriously. I couldn't even feel my toes. Or hands. Or face. Or body. IT WAS THAT COLD. My goodness. I was watching that stupid clock for the next four hours waiting for all damn four quarters to end. For any east coasters, they probably think Im pathetic. I was nearly dying at 47 degrees. But let me tell you, in my city, 64 degrees is considered horrific weather. And the snuggy they brought didnt do crap. But Marrissa and Blake were there so that made things better. Heres a picture of all of us :)

 And I also got to meet Kaylas brothers. One of them is in my grade. And he was kind of cute. And pretty nice to me. But nothing happened so I just move forward. I got my ETC affair to worry about anyway. So anywho. After the game, we went back to her house, BLASTED the heater, and ate In N Out. It was yummy. And then we headed off to bed because we were so so SOOO tired. But then in the middle of the night I apparently rolled off the bed (which I actually remember doing) because it was so gosh darn hot because her parents forgot to turn off the heater and I was just overly hot so I went to the bathroom and washed my hands with cold water and then I went back to bed. Which is strange, because thats exactly what I did a few years ago at an old friends house when her mom forgot to turn off the heater. And then the next day we had breakfast, went to the mall to go find Kayla shirt for her senior pictures, and then we went back to her place and I did her hair and makeup. She looked really really pretty :)
And then her parents dropped me off at home, and I immediately went straight to the computer to check my updates, and then I quickly hopped in the shower and began to get ready for the Batmitzva I was attending that night. Because I only had like, two hours! So here is the final look I came up with.

So because I love makeup and I never really get a chance to blog about it, Ill do a run down of everything Im wearing. So its like a face of the day type thing :)
On face:
Laura Mercier Primer
Max Factor Color Genious Foundation in Ivory
Mac Mineralized Skin Finish Natural in Medium Plus
Bourjous Blush in Rose Frisson
NYC Bronzer
On Eyes:
Mac Paint Pot in Painterly
Mac Evening Auora all over lid
Tarina Tarantino Bangle in Crease
Maybelline Eye Studio Quad in Give Me Gold; darkest brown shade on the outter corner and highlight color on the brow bones and tops of cheeks.
Loreal Paint in Blake as liner on lashline
Lancome Color Design in Black on waterline
Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara
Extra curled lashes thanks to Bobby Brown Lash Curler and Elf Lash Curler :)
For Hair:
Super straight hair with pearl lace from Michaels as a head band.
Done! :D
Pretty simple, for the most part. I feel like neutral was more appropiate then a smokey eye. Actually, smokey eyes dont look good on me for some reason. I think smokey neutral eyes are the best way to go when it comes to my eyes and skin tone. I really like how I looked though, so maybe this can be my go-to looks for special occasions. My ourfit was simple as well.
Top: From Hollister
Cardigan: From Hollister
Skirt: Nordstorm
Belt: Steve Madden
Shoes: Target.
Earrings: Betsey Johnson.
I actually really like this outfit too! Its quite cute I must admit :)
Also, I was allowed to bring Blake to this party with me. Blake is my ultimate Go-To guy when it comes to entertainment. I just HAVE to bring him along. He always knows how to associate with people but most importantly make people laugh. So my sisters and I LOVED having him around during the night!

So we first headed on over to Jeromes. Yes, the furniture store. My sister and bro in law wanted to check out their furniture and it was also their like, 20th anniversary or something. So there were refreshments! And Blake and I were STARVING. So we just stayed at the table with crackers and cheese and trail mix and punch and just ate. Haha, and then we went upstairs and took some pictures. Like this one.

So we head on over to the hotel, and then we get to the room where the party was held. They had two rooms, one with poker tables (It was Vegas themed!), a dance floor, and photo booths (GAHHH the photo booth was like, my favorite place in the world!) and then another room with lots and lots of food and desert! And there was also a bartender making Mock Tails! It was pretty awesome :) And so Blake and I hit up the food first, got our mock tails, and chowed down. And then we went to the photo booth and took a million pictures, and then we headed over to the poker table where the dealer was pretty damn cute and it seemed as if he was flirting with me. Tehe :) But I didnt get the number -___- Hahaha, he was probably twenty one anyways. Ohhh well.
So heres some more photos of our night! Blake and I with our mock tails :)

And then I HAD to take a picture with the birthday girl. My sweet dear ZoZo :)

And then heres Blake and I at the poker table. I wish Dealer Boy coulda been in it, but its cool. Memories shall last me forever.

And now it is Sunday. I just finished my News Article on the new counselors at my school. This article I just wrote is going to be going in the newspaper so Im very excited and I made sure that this news article was RIGHT on. We'll see if it is on Monday. Im actually kind of scared of my journalism teacher because shes really hard on the students and it needs to be good or you'll immediately get criticized. And I don't handle criticism well. At all. Ill break down and cry. So Im hoping that I did a good job. And tomorrow I have my mock trial meeting after school. We will see how that goes ;) Ill update you guys soon!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

"And then they Came for Me"

WOW. I first want to say that I am so honored to be apart of this production. Sure, I have the tiniest role in this play (*cough* the boys makeup artist *uncough*) but just knowing I did a little something to the people on stage makes me feel so overwhelmed.
On Tuesday afternoon, after eating lunch, I had to go over to the drama room and then go over too the dressing room to help the boys get ready for their dress rehearsal. Of course, boys will be boys as they were disgusted with the makeup they had to put on. And of course it was thick theater makeup (Ben Nye to be exact, GREAT coverage concealers!!) but for the most part, after some complaining and consistent questions of "why do I have to do this?!" and comments like "I feel like a robot", I had made three guys into flawless faces :) With a little bit of a flush and porcelain skin, they looked good. I also helped them out with hair, which one of them cringed due to the amount of gel and hairspray I had to use. And then I started to feel kind of bad because the guys were complaining of how weird they felt and looked, and so I apologized and then they were like "Why are you sorry?' -____- Well, gee, I dont know. Because you guys are unsatisfied with the way you look? Go figure. But they were like "You did a great job. I just hate this." Sighhh. They act like this was some huge sacrifice, makeup and gel. Boys will be boys, right? And then I went on over to the girls who seemed to have had their makeup situation under control. Since today was kind of like a "Go-Over" for tomorrows opening night, people who paid five dollars could get in and watch the show after school. I, of course, could get in for free (heh) which is one of the perks of being apart of this production. Anywho, when I was done with everything and had all my stuff pulled together, I was planning on going home. But then Mrs.B said, "Don't you want to stay around for the show to see how their makeup looks on stage and under all those lights? So then you can fix any mistakes tomorrow?"
So of course. I stayed. And I sat third row right in the center, with my English teacher behind me and my two friends Reeanna and Taylor beside me.
The play was very powerful. The set was AMAZING as well as all the actors. The play basically revolves around those who knew Anne Frank and Anne Frank herself. At certain moments of the play, the screen in the background comes to life and you see the actual Holocaust survivors sharing their story of what happened to them before, during, and after this tragic event. They also share their memories of how wonderful and beautiful Anne was, who died only six weeks before the war was over. The only thing left from Anne was her diary, which has made headlines all around the world.
As I said before, the actors were incredible. I could feel and sense the passion they put in, and I actually caught myself tearing up at a few parts. My good friend Megan never fails to impress me, esp. during this play. I cant wait to tell her how well she did in person.
So, today is Tuesday, and for the next three days I will have to arrive at the play at 5 pm, get started on their makeup, and then the show will be over at 8 in which I will stick around for. I mean might as well, right? So my plan is to go home after school, chill at home, eat, do homework, then at four thirty Ill head back to the school and then afterward I take it from there. I won’t post this blog just yet, I will do so on Friday so I can include any more stories (if I have any) and post pictures if I have the plays consent to do so. I’m so honored and proud to be a part of this production though, and I can't wait to experience it all over again!
*UPDATE* So today is Thursday, and I have now seen the play four whopping times. I won’t post this until Friday, but my goodness am I speechless of how amazing this play is! And I've been getting to know the cast a little bit better, so I’m quite happy with that! Wednesday was opening night, so I had to come back to my school at five fifteen in the afternoon, help out my friend Megan with her hair (French braids, if you are wondering) and then I had to rush over to the guys whom I didn’t even know were in their dressing room, but thankfully one of the guys girlfriends helped out with makeup, and so I was able to focus on Joe. Basically, for good old Joe, who plays a Nazi Youth as well as Eva's Pappy, I did a pale face with dark eyes. The guy is already pale, but I just used congealer all over his face & neck to hide any imperfections, and then I contoured his cheeks with a deep brown eye shadow to give him that kind of hallow look, along with contouring his eyes in the crease for more depth. Then I added a bit of flush just so that he wouldn't look TOO washed out, and I put some of my favorite lipstick (Neutrogena Moisture Shine in Plum Paradise) on his lips for a small flush on the lips. Nothing major at all. But it was kind of funny cause I was wearing the same lipstick at the time and we matched. Bahaha. And then I had to do a comb over for his hair and had to use some gel and hairspray to put everything in place. And woolahhh, Joe was transformed into a more sophisticated looking person. I guess. Haha, and then last minute I had to rush and do Megans makeup. Simple Eyeliner and Mascara, a little bit of Blush, and BAM she was good to go :) I know I didnt do much, but in all honesty, it was the 1940's, no one went heavy on their makeup at the time. We were aiming for just natural. But the lights wash them out if they werent to be wearing makeup so I guess that's one of the main reasons why they had to do it. So anywho, it was opening night and I decided to stay and watch the show. Two lovely ladies that no longer go to my school attended the play so we all sat next to each other, and watched as the set came to life and the cast did their job beautifully. Opening night was incredible. Afterwards, they all went out to the hallway to greet their families and friends and anyone else in the audience, and my ride had came so I hurridly hugged each member, told them how amazing they did, and bolted. Haha, it was a great night.
Today, being Thursday, did not go AS smoothly as opening night but it still went well. You see, today was Matinee, where there were 2 plays in one day. So the early one, starting at 10:00 am, was for the kids at the middle school up the street along with students from my school who wanted to see the play. I got to skip out on all my classes to focus on the makeup and hair for the cast, so that was awfully nice. So Megan and I leave at 8:00 from our history class together, and she has a tiny little crush on one of the guys in the play. I wont name names of course, but last night she texted me the little details that us girls always noticed, and apparently he hugged her after the play a bit longer and tighter than usual. SOO, me being a visual learner, I asked her to demonstrate. Right in the hallway. So she put down her bags, as did I, and she stepped forward and was demonstrating how exactly the hug happened when all of a sudden I look to my side and there’s Itzel, one of the cast members who plays Anne Frank, and she's looking at us all wide eyed, and immediately Megan and I break apart and Itzel was like "Ill pretend like I never saw that." It was the funniest thing in the world, and of course she was joking. So today, I did all of the guys makeup & hair. And I felt more comfortable with them today, probably because we've been working together for the past two days, so it was all loosey goosey and I definitely feel more at ease. It made me kind of happy because Joe was talking about how the guys never knew how to do their makeup and when I came they were all relieved. Haha, and so he told me on Tuesday that Mrs. B said "I hope you guys know that you guys should be paying attention when she's doing your makeup."
Guys: "Why?"
Mrs.B "Because she wont want to come for the next four days and do this all over again."
And so when they told me that, I was like "Of course not! Ill be coming to every single show to help you guys out, I cant leave you all hanging like that."
And so today when he reflected back on that covo, he was like, "I was so relieved when you said that." And then all the guys were telling me how I was awesome I was and how they really appreciate me etc. so that made me feel really good :D Haha, when it comes to any contribution I do, I'm that person that’s all for compliments :) So for the first show, I go into the the girls dressing rooms and give the girls all hugs and kisses, wishing them good luck due to the fact that this is going to be their largest audience. And then I step outside and I get the bejeezes scared out of me because Joe is right next to the door in the dark with his Nazi uniform on o_o And then the other two, Steven and Vince, were in front of him and I honestly couldn’t tell who was who. But I gave all of them a quick hug, wished them luck, and took my seat in the second row with Jacob and Stephanie.
So it really bugs me that high school students have no respect and laugh at parts that dont require laughing. And make unnecessary noises or cheers when its not needed. So of course, with a high school audience, they did just that but I have to acknowledge that- its highschool. Enough said. But the show wasnt as strong as opening night, but it still had an impact on me and I teared up a tinyyyy bit. After the show, it was so cute because all the little six graders went up to the cast members and began asking for autographs. It was the absolute cutest thing in the world, and of course I wanted to say, "Hey you want mine? I was the makeup artist!" but I didnt due to fear of being creepy & rejected. Haha, Joe said that one girl came up to him all scared with her paper and pen stretched out in front of her, and one of her friends had said "She's scared of you!" BAHAHAHAHA. I was dying laughing. But anywho, I stuck around for the little lunch break we had, then I did touch ups on hair and makeup, and then I watched the show again. I dont know why, but I began to cry again and had to bust out the tissue. Sighh. And then after the show I greeted the cast once again with hugs and praises. For some reason, the ending made me cry so I was still crying by the time I was out there with them and they were all staring at me wide eyed and shocked and asked what was wrong with me. Haha, it was kind of funny but more embarrassing at the same time. But tomorrow, I know the water works are going to come storming in mainly because its closing night on Friday, and Im really going to miss this whole experience. Im probably exaggerating it to you, mainly because I have such a minor role, but Ive never done anything like this and it makes me really really happy to know I did something to help complete this show. Not everyone can say "Oh, I did their makeup" or "I helped with the outfits." etc. I dont know, maybe Im weird.
Oh! I also got the cast members jumbo size cookie's & cream bars (Hershey kind) and I've typed them all a little note of how wonderful each and every single one of them are. I know, I know, Im so kind.
Haha, but Ill come back on Friday and post what I know will be a looooonnnnnggg blog! Ill also attach some photos :) Till Friday then!
MY GOODNESS. I really don't know where to start. First, I’ll just say, that I am amazed, proud, honored, overwhelmed, joyous, sad, and all together so appreciative of the experience I got out of this.
Today started off as any other regular Friday, the anticipation being so heavy on me because I knew tonight was going to blow me away. So 1st period, I tried to rack up some courage with Megan, second period I was excused from a quiz, third period was... well, slightly productive, fourth period is journalism and the paper came out today so I had to pass out papers to classrooms, fifth period was boring, and sixth period is just always terrible. BUT, as soon as I got home, I showered, did the hair, makeup, got dressed, and ate, I was out the door at five, arriving at my school 5:15. The girls were already there, who had tepee the boys dressing room, and we all just chilled together belching out to Natasha Benningfield and Colbie Calliet. It was pretty great :) I was also able to snag a picture with my beautiful friend Megan, whom I adore with all my heart.

And then finally there was an arrival of one of the boys, Vince, so I got working on his hair whom needs EXTRA attention, and then I worked on his makeup. Then came Joe, whom I started working on right after cause we were on a bit of a time crunch. So I did his hair and makeup, and then finally came the last musketeer, Steven. He's the easiest to work on, because his hair needs no doing and makeup is a piece of cake for him.
Finally, I hand them their little gifts and they seemed really appreciative about it which made me really really happy. I guess the number one thing I look forward to is appreciation, and that they were. They all read my little note and said it would have been cuter if I were to hand write it o_o Haha, my handwriting is not cool, that didnt seem like the best option. So then I go to the other side into the girls dressing room and I hand them their little gifts & cards, and them, being girls, were so shocked and EXTREMELY appreciative about it, hugging me & thanking me numerous times. It was extremely sweet and Im glad that they liked it. Megan though, was flabbergasted (which I dont really know why!) and she immediately made me follow her out to the hallway, into the green room, up the stage and over, and finally she presented me with a card. She held it out in front of her and I saw tears swelling up, as she told me that this week has been such a great week with me working with them and she couldn't have been more thankful. And then she said some more things but I wasnt full on listening because I was crying and so was she. And then I hugged her, thanked her, and went to the other side of the room where everyone else greeted me with hugs and telling me how nice I am & how great its been having me. And I completely understand if you think I'm typing false information to make me sound better. But its the truth, and Im taking what I can get, because I know my effort has paid off and I couldn't be happier that I was able to satisfy everyone I worked with. And then I tell Joe that Ive noticed that he gets a little shiny in the lights, so I gave him so blotting sheets (neutrogena, to be exact) and he stares at me wide eyed and goes "YOU ARE SERIOUSLY TOO NICE." Tehe :D But anywho, I wished them all good luck, and after some last minute hugs, I go to the hallway, mingle with the drama helpers, and then I make my way to the second row with my friend Bridget and her friends. My English teacher was behind me with his adorable daughter and my physics teacher who's weird and annoying at times was in front of me -___- But then the show began, and I was just so proud and impressed. Not a single mess up and each and every single one of them came out so strong that I was just so blown away by their performance. They honestly couldn't have ended it any better. I was just speechless. And heres where the funny/sad/overwhleming/emotional/beautiful part comes.
So since it was closing night, all the cast members came back out on stage, and Megan, with her beautiful projective voice, thanked the audience and then she thanked Mrs.B, our schools drama teacher, for helping them with such a great show. And then she thanked Emily, for being the directing assistant and putting together such a phenomenal play. And then she thanks Chiara, for helping out with the technical stuff, and at this point, I'm BAWLING. Mainly because the play is over, and I was just so proud of how well they all did. And then I hear Megan say, "And I would like to thank Caroline, our wonderful makeup artist who's help us so much this past week." And then I start crying even harder, if that's possible, and then she HASSS to say "Stand up, please, Caroline!" And so I stand up, and the audience applauds me, and I look like a hot mess, and so I smile embarrassingly, and I seriously like, run to the end of the row and sit down in one of the seats and starts crying even harder. WHY AM I SO EMOTIONAL?! Anyhow, she finishes off thanking everyone else, and then I go to the hallway and all the cast members are coming out. I first remember going up to Itzel who was crying and then we both started crying together, and then I see Megan and hug her with all my might and she starts tearing up and I start crying all over again. BUT THEN, Marketa, comes and hugs me, and shes already crying as it is, and we hug for the longest time just crying and hugging, so happy for an amazing performance, yet so sad that this is all over. And then I went up to good ole' Joe and I give him a hug. He told me that when he saw me walking towards the end of the row, they all thought I was going to go on stage and they would give me a great big hug (which probably would have made me cry even more) but then they realized that I sat down and it was kinda funny. BAHAHAH. This part is really funny. My friend Roxanna, funny funny girl, and I were talking about how she thought Joe was so hot and she adored all his lines (LOL) and it was just so funny, so after the show, I saw her come up to him and she held out her arm for him to sign, and then she goes "Put your number there too!" And so he puts a # sign, and then a 1. I was DYING. And I had to take a picture with her with it cause it was just adorable and so so so funny. So excuse the fact that I look as if I just got woke up, got punched, got punched AGAIN, and then rolled over in dirt and tousled down a hill. And then I had a hangover and decided to take a picture because I thought it would be creepy and funny and cute. Which I do not. But thats how it looks and seems.
So I apologize once again.

And then I went ahead and took a picture with Joe and Steve, pretty much two awesome guys that I was so happy to work with. Vince too, but he didnt make the picture ):

But he made this one! This is Megan, Vince, Joe, Steven, and I on Wednesdays play in the dressing room. I look horrendous, but they look good!

I got a picture with Joe BEFORE the tears, so I approve of this picture although I still dont look all that well.

And then I HAD to take a picture with Emily, the mastermind behind it all, and I absolutely adore her with all of my heart. I also met her boyfriend (and hes asian!) and ohmigosh cutest couple alive award should go to them!

And then I took a picture with Itzel, who I ADOREEEE as well. We never really were "friends", acquainted, indeed, but not a full friendship. Because of this production, we developed one, and I couldn't be happier. Shes so beautiful inside and out, and I finally understand why everyone loves her so much. We actually mentioned this right before this picture, and I said "Seriously, Itzel, will you dump Jake and be with me? You're pretty much everything I could want in a human being." And she thought long and hard and goes, "Are you crazy? OF COURSE I WILL! Jake cant do makeup as well as you! " I LOVE THIS GIRL. Im so thankful for the friendship I got out of this. And then there's Nia, one of the drama helpers, and I love her too! Shes pretty much the one who encourages my crying and adores my emotional side. Gotta love that <33

And then of course I had to take one with Megan and I! She looks stunning, I look like crap -___- Haha, I love her so much. She's done a goshawful lot, and helped me land this roles as their makeup artist, and I couldnt be happier. She's amazing and Im so happy to consider her one of my closest friends. Shes probably the sweetest person you will ever meet, and I cant say enough good things about her. I simply just love her with all my heart.

And then I took two photos with Joe and Megan, although they're kinda blurry :/ NOT COOL. But I still love these pictures <33

And so all these pictures conclude my night. Im so proud of everyone and so happy to have been apart of something so moving and heart touching. I made some great friendships and Im so sad that this is all over, but I know its not the last that Ill be seeing of them. I adore each and every single one of them and I'm so thankful for the experience.