Sunday, March 27, 2011

Another Update

My goodness, work is draining the life out of me o_o I had such a bad day today, I worked the register (I HATE the register) and I messed up on a few orders and my boss was getting visibly irritated and I was cramping and some of my customers were rude and it was just... not good. Definitely my worse day yet, but Im just so tired of it all that Im not even going to look back on it and try to think of ways I can do things better. Instead Im just moving on, cause Im tired and annoyed and I just want everyone to leave me alone and get off my case. My paychecks are what keep me going though, so dont expect me to quit any time soon. Haha, but any who, I feel like its been a long time since I've done a blog post. About two weeks. Absolutely ridiculous.
Well, theres really not that many exciting things. Work is okay, its really tiring but thats what its all about. I've discovered what co-workers I like and what co-worker I... like not so much. Either these certain people are annoying or bossy. Then theres others I dont mind, but then theres ones that I actually consider friends, especially Alex who is like my closest friend at work.
I got a 4.1 on my progress report! Im really proud of myself for being able to juggle both school and work. Hopefully Ill be able to continue my good grades. School in general is going good though, Im really excited for journalism next year. Ill be an editor which is like, the best and most sacred position to be in. Okay, maybe not that dramatic but you get the point. And Ill also be doing it with Bahar and Katie who are so incredibly funny its hard to handle. I was literally dying on Friday when Katie told me her idea of a midget suit case, but I wont get into that.
We actually have out potluck on Tuesday, and so I went to Ralphs (a grocery store for those who dont know) to get some ingredients for the pasta im making since its Italian themed. Well, I looked like absolute crap cause I didnt feel like dressing up, and of course I see the Ralphs boy that I think is super cute. You see, Im a regular grocery shopper at this Ralphs, so Im familiar with some of the workers (I dont know anyone or anything, I just recognize them) and Ive seen Ralphs boy quite a few times and am always like "sighhhh, he's so cute" and then drool all the way to the car. Thankfully, I'm smart enough to never stand in his aisle (hes a cashier) so I never make a fool out of myself. But one day, when I look decent, I think I might march to his aisle and purchase my groceries from him. I know this sounds so corny and unreal and stupid, but one day Ill make sure it happens. And maybe, Ill even put my number down on the receipt and give it to him :p
Now THATS corny.
Spring break is coming up next week! Im super excited to finally get a break from school, its honestly needed. But I think Ill be working most of the time cause I can really use the money. Hmm, aside from that I dont think theres much else to say.
OH OH OH, I have my first behind the wheel lesson on  Saturday. Im so so so excited :DD And thankfully I can do payments (Im paying for this by myself) so that makes me even happier. I just hope I dont run over a tree o_o Not that thats happened before. *cough cough*
ANYWAY. Hope you guys are doing fabulous!


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