Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Five Guys Burgers


Ohmigoodness Im so in love. And theres one opening up right next to my school so I am STOKED. But anyway, this burger place is like an update to In N' Out. Their burgers are just better quality, I've never had more tastier fries, and the atmosphere is comforting and laid back. WHATS NOT TO LOVE?!
I should have taken a picture of my burger, but being the hungry impatient person that I am, I gobbled it down before I even thought to think "Maybe I should blog about this later" -___-
BUT. Behold the power of google! Here comes the picture:
Man that image makes me happy.
Anyway, there burgers and fries are just superb. I had the cheese burger with peppers, green bell peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, barbecue sauce, and a large fry. Their meat is really nice and juicy, cooked quite literally to perfection. The portion was very generous and I am amused that I actually finished my entire burger. It was SO good that I couldnt let it go to waste. THAT GOOD.
I mean, Im blogging about this, and I never ever blog about food, isnt this enough said? So until I try a White Castle Burgers (thats one of my goals in life) I am declaring this burger joint my favorite burger place.
And the fries were quite amazing too, theyre made with peanut oil so it gives it a bit more flavor.
So if you're looking for a good burger place to try, I highly recommend Five Guys Burgers. Its tasty, flavorful, and affordable, whats not to love?!
Although for me, I am limiting myself to eating here only once every two months, because I dont even want to imagine how much damage this burger did to my body -__- But I kind of dont care cause it was WORTH IT.
Hope you guys enjoyed this food review! Maybe I should do more of these :)



  1. i agree! i love five guys. it's actually one of the things i miss most about orlando lol. as much as i love in-n-out, five guys is just amazing.

    love your blog! Following your and blog and youtube now :)

  2. Completely agree!! You're originally from Orlando? Thats awesome! And thank you so much for following, I really appreciate it! <33