Thursday, January 27, 2011


*Sighs in relief*
I don't think anyone understands how happy I am. Well, I'm actually quite depressed, because I discovered that I'm getting a stupid B in honors U.S History. I studied so hard for that test, and I got a 40/50 on it, and so I have a 89% as my overall grade, AND HE WONT CHANGE IT. And then my teacher tried to make me feel better by telling me that he knows I try really hard and that our principal is doing some stupid thing for students who work really hard or something and my teachers told me he was going to nominate me -___-
I JUST WANT A DAMN A. Gosh darn, he makes me so mad. What sucks is that this is the semester grade, so its locked in and I have no chance in changing it. Why me? WHY FREAKIN' ME? GAHHH I'm (obviously) really upset about this. And for the nomination thing- I DON'T CARE. I couldn't care less if I tried. I'm being so incredibly bitter that I don't even want to be nominated. I don't have an A, so why should I even be considered as a stupid nominee? And then emotional me started crying and ON TOP OF THAT- I have a physics final today. And I was just so distraught about my B that I didn't hear my teacher (who completely hates me for some damn reason) tell us that we only had to go to problem 23 and I had gone up to question 47, and then this stupid obnoxious girl behind me who has a fake Gucci bag was like "AHAHAHAHHA YOU LOSER." REALLY NOW? I HAVE TO EFFING DEAL WITH THIS STUPID GIRL BEHIND ME? Freaking shoot me now. Please.
Thankfully, I made it through the day in one piece although quite a depressing piece. I'm just glad the day is over. Im going to be a rebel and not go to school tomorrow until fourth period, and I would skip the whole day but newspaper distribution is tomorrow and I don't wanna miss it.
Today was just such a bad day, and now I want a churro ):
Good night peeps.
And sorry I was so angry in this post. Ill try to control it next time.


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