Sunday, January 9, 2011

Its kinda like A West Side Strory

So on Saturday night, my wonderful friend Megan had invited me to see the Broadway musical West Side Story with her and two of our other friends at the Civic Theater in downtown. She told me this is an occasion where we must dress to impress, so I did just that. After arriving at her house at four, I helped do her makeup and hair, and she looked absolutely stunning.
Then Marketa and Itzel came over and I helped them get ready as well. They all looked gorgeous, and of course I offered my assistance to them when prom comes around. So anyway, we went out to dinner at a fabulous Greek restaurant where we had a wonderful meal. And then we went to the bathroom to touch up our lipstick, and right out the exit of the restroom Megan began snapping ridiculous pictures of me (they were horrible) but all the others of Marketa and Itzel were cute :) And then we started running low on time so we made our way to downtown and inside the Civic Theater.
It was my first time seeing a Broadway musical, so I was super excited. And I was not disappointed. The play was incredible. The actors, the music, the dresses, even the snapping. My goodness it was so good. I think my favorite part is where Tony is singing to Maria on the balcony "Tonight" and it just... ah. It made me so happy and gave me hope that one day I'll find my Tony. I was kind of surprised to see how similar it was to Romeo and Juliet. I mean, really similar. Same concept and everything. I really couldnt of asked to start my Broadway fiasco in any other way. Being in such great company with the most amazing girls I know combined with a musical involved with love, humor, and tragedy is just mind blowing.
What a wonderful, wonderful night.

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