Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Measly Face of the Day and How My Measly Day Went.

So today is not my day. And I shall explain why. But first, I will present a very inconsistent face of the day picture.
As you can see, I went really really simple on the makeup for this Saturday day.
On Face:
MAC Prolong Wear Concealer NC20
Neutrogena Healthy Skin Pressed Powder
Clinique Cupid Blush
On Eyes:
MAC Painterly Paint Pot
Hard Candy Butter Scotch (all over lid)
Tarina Tarantino Bangle (crease)
MAC’s Era (outer corner)
MAC’s Naked (highlight)
Curled Lashes w/ Lash Curler by Bobby Brown
Hair: Since it was slightly damp, I put it in a bun and blow-dried it and got really nice textured waves ^__^ But the top of my head didn’t want to cooperate so I threw a cap (with a heart I drew :DD) on.
TIP: Warm up your lash curler by blow drying it for five seconds and the curling your lashes, it does WONDERS!

So there it is! A very simple face of the day. Maybe I should do a tutorial. Ehhhhhhhh, we’ll see :)

AS FOR MY DAY. Sigh. You’re probably thinking, what in the world are you doing wearing makeup on a Saturday?! Well, Mock Trial seems to have officially taken over my life. And it will continue to do so for the next two weeks, since competition is at the end of the month.
So anyway, I had to wake up at nine and head to my school at 10:45. I would usually be sleeping in but clearly that is not the case. When I get to the school nearly everyone is waiting outside for the teacher to come since she was running a little late, and so Megan was actually at the school as well (for honor theater rehearsals) so I brought her a drink and got to catch up with her for like three minutes and then I had to go.
So today's meeting was like the real deal. We set up the classroom like a court house and I tried to study my lines because I’m an expert witness (the doctor) and I have to really know my facts. And so when I get up to the stand, I do well at first (please keep in mind that I am on the prosecutor side) and then when the cross examination happened, Josh, (who happens to speak really fast yet is very demanding and pushy when it comes to examining witnesses- he’s a good one) was the one cross examining me -___-
And I felt like he grilled me. He kept on trying to get me to agree with him and tried to turn my theory around and all sorts of other crap. He started coming up with a bunch of other things too and I just told him it’s a possibility but no, that’s not what I am entitled to believe. He was pretty much putting words in my mouth. And then when I got back to my seat, JUNGLE (who was unfortunately there) had the audacity to tell me that Josh said something and I shouldn’t have agreed -___- I was extremely pissed. But E came over to me and told me how great of a job I did and when I denied his kind compliment he told me I was the only witness that fought back. And that was kinda true. And so I felt better. But what really kinda pissed me off is that the prosecutors (whom I WORK WITH) didn’t really stand up for me while I was being grilled. They could have objected to A NUMBER of things, but they didn’t. Two of the prosecutors I actually don’t really like, they both annoy me and I feel like they play their roles pretty bad. But I do love the other prosecutor, who did a pretty good job. But honestly, I don’t like a majority of the kids in that club. Which is all the more reason why I don’t like being in this club. I really did think our meetings would consist of watching reruns of Law & Order: SVU (not the original of criminal intent, me no like those ones, all about SVU!) but instead we get boring lectures about the world of law. Sighhhh. WHY DID I DO THIS?!
On top of the intensity of Mock Trial, I have finals next week. I am so overwhelmed and stressed that I feel like I shouldn’t even be blogging but it does take some stress away.
Oh well, since we have a pretty bad team (I’m so incredibly negative toward this) I’m pretty sure we won’t win and therefore we won’t go to finals and then Ill have my normal life back before Mock Trial ever happened to me! YAYYYY. I can’t wait till the day.
Have a good one guys.


  1. Hi Caroline, I've got to say...I've been absolutely LOVING your blog! Keep posting...I miss reading your posts! =(

    1. I cannot believe I JUST saw this. This makes me so happy! I plan on redesigning my blog soon so I will definitely update!! You sweet girl, thank you so much! <3