Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Break

Wowie wow wow did I accomplish a lot this spring break! I surprisingly had a really nice break I must say, it was very relaxing yet productive as well. Lets start from the beginning.
  So the very first thing I did on my spring break was my first behind the wheel. It went quite well, I think for the most part I did okay. And now I need to schedule my second behind the wheel around Juneish, so that's exciting :) I'm so glad that the place I go to is allowing me to do payments, because I'm paying for this all by myself so it allows me to be not so tight with my budget.
Second thing I did was work. A LOT. Well, five out of seven days. I think that's a good amount. So Im hoping that my upcoming paycheck will be decent. Although I only work 2 days this week, which isn't a lot... AT ALL. But oh well, at least I'm getting a break :p
Third thing I did was go to the doctor... TWICE. And got a total of five shots. It was pretty painful but I did it. Im actually going back tomorrow for reasons I'd rather not discuss right now but if its true then I might say something brief about it.
Fourth (and one of the most exciting things) thing I did was meet with my eye doctor and got... CONTACTS :DD I am SOO happy. No one understands the amazing feeling of being able to see without glasses. Ohmigoodness. I love my contacts sososososo much. Although my eye isn't reacting too well since it turned red o_o But I wore them today and they seemed fine, so I'm hoping this whole redness thing will pass. Its so great having a job because now I can actually pay for things I want :)
Fifth thing I did was FINALLLY sign up for the ACT. I've decided that Im taking the ACT instead of the SAT because apparently the ACT is much easier and on top of that my friend Kayla took the ACT, got a decent score, and she got accepted into nearly every college she applied for. So I'm hoping that this will all work out for the better for me. I am scheduled to take it on June 11th so I have sometime to study up!
Sixth thing I did was (almost) complete season 1 of White Collar! I have one episode left and Im saving it for I dont know why. Maybe I'll finish it tomorrow :)
I also got my shipment in from Barnes and Noble and I've read five books this Spring Break. Im quite proud of myself :) So overall I am very happy that I had a well-spent Spring Break, makes me feel productive! I hope you guys have a wonderful day :D


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