Sunday, May 22, 2011

Prom Night :)

First off, I am SOO sorry that I have not been on here for a month. I've been so busy and tired and lazy that I cant even think straight, so please please forgive me.
BUT. I have pictures to make up for my absence, so, lets go!

Here I am with my date Josh :) Couldn't have asked for a better date!

My best friend Megan and my wonderful friend Marketa. Don't they look stunning?

My ahmaazing friend Taylor. I love her oh so dearly <3

Gorgeous Danielle <3 Im so fortunate to have met her this year. 

Alright, so now that we have the pictures out of the way, Ill start describing my night! So Josh came to pick me up and to my horror, my brother in law had a "talk" with him as my bro-in-law was cleaning his guns -___- And he said some things that made me cringe. Ohmigosh, I dont even want to think about it. But nonetheless he got his point across and I was sure to apologize a billion times after we left. So afterward we went over to the place we were having dinner at with his friends who were stunning in their dresses and tux's. The place was right at the water so we had a beautiful scenery but unfortunately not enough time to take lots of pictures around ): But I still think the pictures we did take were pretty :) Dinner was okay, I was kinda ehh about it because my food wasn't too warm. It seemed like it was just sitting there getting cold until they served it, but oh well. I wan't even that hungry.
So after dinner we took a few pictures and then we headed off to prom which was about a minute drive. We had to wait in an unnessecarily long line to take the proffessional photos but waiting in line wasn't so bad because I ran into many people I knew. Everybody looked so beautiful and I was so excited to see Megan and Taylor, I couldn't even get started on how wonderful they looked. They left me speechless.
And so after our photos we went ahead into the dance room where I found a few more people and said hi to. Josh and I danced along with his group of friends and I was also able to dance with Megan whom I did the notorious fishing pole with. She was so much fun to be around, ughh I just love her so much!
The DJ was surprisingly really good, I was very impressed. The last song was "Forget You" by Cee Lo which was a lot of fun to dance too. Prom ended at midnight and afterward we had quite an adventure. So first we decided to go bowling. And so 4 people from the group went ahead and drove off to the bowling alley and the rest of us were going to meet them there. We first wanted to go to wal-mart because we had to get socks. So while we're in Wal-Mart we get a call from one of the girls and turns out the bowling Alley was going to close in fifteen minutes and we simply didn't have enough time to play the last game. So we decided to go Lazor Tagging instead, and Austin (the driver of the night) was kind enough to drive me to my second home (my sister house haha) so I could change outta my dress and heels cause MAN WAS I IN PAIN. Ughh no more heels till... homecoming :p
And so Austin and Josh and Johnathan came up with me to my sisters and I let her know the plan and she she let my curfew be extended to three. WELL. We went Lazor Tagging (and I was oh so comfortable in my vans, jeans, and hoody. I know, so prom-night-esque) and I was like,
"Austin. I have a confession to make. I've never been lazor tagging."
And he just stared at me as if I was from another planet. And just to make myself look a bit better I added "Unless the ones at Boomers counts."
With a flat face he replied, "It doesn't." Bahahah but he was kind enough to explain the basics of the game and overall I did awful. But truth be told I didn't really care. After getting "shot" or "tagged" or whatever you wanna call it for the 38347179813948713471 billionth time from people on the other side, I just gave up (what a winner like attitude- huh? Not.) and started walking around the dark area and kinda acted as if it was a museum. It was kind of interesting. of course people were still shooting me but it was okay, I didn't mind. I just threw my hands up and was like, "I'm out."
And Im pretty sure I got the lowest score, but I can't confirm because I was too tired and lazy to check.
So after that we went over to the Denny's down South and I seriously just fell asleep on the drive there. And once we were there I noticed the stuffed animal crane machine. Now, if you must know, I am extremely good at the ones at Dave & Buster. So I was like, ehh, lets just give this one a shot. I didn't win anything ): And then Josh and Kevin started observing and the geniouses they are came up with the theory if I was able to shove something to the side then itll fall over. So I gave it another shot and failed. Bahaha, but it was okay, I didn't mind. When our group finally got seated I just wanted to eat then go to bed. I was hungry and tired and could feel myself getting grumpy. Another "Caroline Thing" to know about myself is I get EXTREMELY grumpy and pissed when Im hungry. I know its kinda like, "well, what person doesn't?" but honestly, I get really grouchy. So make sure Im fed and satisfied if you ever wanna approach me. Bahhaha just kidding, Im not THAT mean, but around people I know they know I can get really not cool o_o
Anyway, I ordered the half size for the sampler (I feel sick thinking about it. Im not a Dennys person- at all) and Josh got the sizzling breakfast thingy I dont know what its called -__- Haha, the place was deserted though and I noticed theres a lot of crazies in the early AM. Not shocking but Im usually not up around that time to witness any Carnies. Anyway, at the table next to us, there were some ghetto people playing cards and I was like, "Wow, thats pretty gangster. Playing cards at three AM at Denny's."
And Austin was like, "Dude, we should totally join them."
Bahaha I had to remind him an asian girl and white guy approaching a group of what looked like gangsters probably wasn't the best idea. Maybe we coulda drew some tattoos to blend in, but even that was still a stretch. But of course he was just kidding.
Finally our food came and a majority of us were just dead. I was eating and falling asleep at the same time. And the food was gross, but what do you expect? I ate it anyway since I was hungry though :p
And because Josh was such a gentlemen the entire night I went ahead and paid the bill because, well, I'm just a nice and courteous person :)
Hahah, when I held the door open for everyone Sherry was like, "Wow, you're such a gentle...woman-ish" :) She's so cute.
And then from there we went to one of the girls house where Josh and I got picked up and then I was dropped back off at my place, at approximately 4:30 AM. My goodness. I seriously fell asleep the entire ride home o_o So. Tired. And I had work today too -__-
But overall it was such a fun night and Im really happy I went. Cheers to a good time and great first experience at prom :)


And just to end the post on a picture since it IS prom, here is a picture of my friend Evelyn and I :) This was after prom had ended and I just decided to let my hair loose. I think you can see the sleep in my eyes.

P.S. Ill try to add other updates soon, Im just tired and need to go to bed ): Good night!

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