Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Random Post

      Right now, I am not only writing a blog post, but am watching Criminal Minds as well. What a wonderful multitask-er am I?! Okay, so maybe its not THAT impressive. Actually, its a little bit less than that since I've already seen this episode... three times. Damn reruns. But its Criminal Minds, which means more T.V time of Shemar Moore and Matthew Gray Gubler. Honestly, who could complain with those beautiful faces? I sure won't, sigh.
 So lately I've been feeling really inspired. I came across Mariannan's blog and although its mainly fashion, seeing how long she's been keeping up her blog is extremely motivational. Not that I don't like fashion, but I'm just really basic with my style, mainly due to the fact I prefer comfort over style any day :P Ohmigosh, an IHOP commercial just came on and now I REALLY want a funnel cake. Okay, sorry for that random interjection. Anyway, back on Mariannan's blog, I think its amazing how dedicated she is not only to fashion but being able to capture her creativity and share it with the rest of the world. Truly inspirational. And she's beyond gorgeous, how is she not a model?!
  As for myself, I haven't been doing much (since Comic-Con at least). I went to a baseball game with my best friend Jacob yesterday, and we got a whole suite (or his boss did) so we had an amazing view of the park and the room had food set out and lots of drinks in the fridge! It was really great, there were plenty of laughs and good times.
   I'm also dreading the fact that its been a week since Comic-Con, I miss it oh so dearly. But on the brighter side, its a week down till Comic-Con 2012! Hahaha, ohh who am I kidding. I'm still really depressed and will most likely stay like this until Comic-Con comes around again. Nerd Life Forever. Only 348 more days to go...
  So my journalism class just released our new online website (yaay for launching another news source in which my own school will never ever read given the fact I never see anyone pick up a newspaper. Yaaay!) and my teacher emailed us asking if we could write a little bio about ourselves. So this is what I wrote:
            Hello Everyone! My name is Caroline and I will be the News Editor for this 2011-2012 year. My main goal is to inform you all with the important events that affect our lives not only as individuals, but students as well. I’m not trying to scare you in thinking that everything I write about will have something to do with more budget cuts, another disaster, or that the world will end in 2012 (it’s not, silly people). I’m just going to give out the facts, with the support of my research, in hopes that you guys will read what is stated and keep it in mind because it very well may relate to you.
          Aside from journalism, I enjoy reading, shopping, attending Comic-Con and musical events, watching quality T.V shows (such as Dexter, Psych, Burn Notice, etc.), and experimenting with makeup and hair styles.
                So thank you all very much for reading my short biography! I will be in room 226 during fourth period (I prefer dark chocolate and my favorite flower are tulips) for those who are curious...
My teacher told us to write something witty, so of course I do! But seriously, I'm not kidding about the dark chocolate...
  Oh, and just to clarify, the sentence about no one reading our paper was a semi joke. Of course there are those wonderful students who read SOMETHING in the paper, but the majority of my fellow students are a bunch of losers who care too little about the society they're living in. I have a lot of pride and dedication to our newspaper, but I'm realistic at the same time. Even if kids don't read our paper (those dumb asses) it never stops us from making the paper the best it can possibly be.
   I really don't have much else to say. I think the next post I'm going to write about is my diet (which isn't really a diet but I'll explain in the post) so stay tuned for that! I'm going to go watch Cold Case now (an amazing show, did they HAVE to cancel it?!) so I hope you guys have a wonderful night/day/morning or whatever you're doing!


p.s. For some reason, I'm REALLY craving a chilly dog o.o

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