Sunday, July 31, 2011

Vamped Up PB&J

*Yaaay for my first food post! I have a feeling there's going to be MANY more to come!*

      Lately, I've been feeling really inspired after reading so many food posts from wonderful bloggers like Mel and others. So I decided to hop on the band wagon and make a little "recipe" post as well! Even though my recipe isn't nearly as technical nor amazing as all the other ones, its still something at least. But seriously, mine is super duper easy. I probably shouldn't even be doing a post. But hey, I already took the photo's and I'm taking baby steps. Leave me alone.

Alright! So this is my version of vamping up a PB&J. Of course, nothing can beat the classic American snack, the infamous Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich, but you can still make different versions of it! Its just a fun way to try something new, and if you have kids, this should be a fun little recipe they'll enjoy. So lets get started!
                                           You will need the following:
                             *Bread (I used Oroweat- I prefer wheat bread)
                        *Peanut Butter (I don't know what kind it is- sorry!)
                             *Jelly (Strawberry from Smuckers- classic)
                             *Trail Mix!

     First thing you want to is to do toast the bread. I always do this because I prefer my bread warm :p
     Then you obviously would spread the peanut butter all over. I feel really lame explaining this...

                    And here's the fun part! Pour some of your trail mix all over the peanut butter.

If you're a big PB lover you can go ahead and add a second coat to cover the trail mix, but I was fine with this. The nuts adds a nice crunchy texture and the m&m's and raisins are a nice surprise!
              Then spread the jelly on the other bread... kind of self explanatory... once again I feel lame...

And tada! You are done. With the remaining trail mix just go ahead and snack on those. Add a water or tea, some apple slices (not shown) and watch an episode of White Collar like I did!

Its a quick easy snack, maybe three minutes more than the average PB&J. This is optional, but when I'm done with my sandwich I stick it back in the over for about a minute, that way the m&m's melt and chocolate goodness mixes with the peanut butter.

I hope this post was enjoyable for you all to read! I know this "recipe" is beyond easy and really just self explanatory, but I felt like doing a post and I was making a sandwich and then I started taking pictures and then all of sudden they landed here on my blog. I hope you guys enjoyed nonetheless, can't wait to write another food post! And I promise it'll be more interesting :p

Till next time!


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